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Friday, July 12, 2013

An Evil Innocence

An Evil Innocence
Refrain: They are isolated from what they don’t know
Their jack booted thugs go where they don’t go
You’d better listen to their orders and take it slow
Or they will take you in their hands.

They send their jack booted thugs out to commit crimes
While they lounge in country clubs or play rounds of golf.
They own the courts and they own politicians,
And they laugh at the Godfather for being too soft.


They live in a country club built over hell,
With bypass venting so they don’t smell its smell.
They dance on a dance floor carried on the backs
Of lost souls writhing and suffering under the floor.


And they admit visitors and they admit members
From among the best and brightest and the cleverest;
People who climb party lines, but never Mount Everest,
And people who snort cocaine lines while writing drug laws.


And they have it so good, they want it understood,
That no one else can have life or liberty.
So they make men dogs and put them on leashes
And give them jackboots and give them guns.


And their jack-booted thugs walk among us like kings,
Trailing long leashes and stinking of hell.
And fill us with lies and fill us with hate,
And try to destroy whatever they can’t own.


And we fight them at risk of injury and pain,
And to avoid falling into their spell.
For they are really small people with no sense of smell,
Standing on a platform over hell.

Finished in Honor of “Vaginal Probe” Governor McDonnell
Christopher H. Holte

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