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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lyle and the Hunter

Along the mountain came the hunter,
gunning for ole Lyle.
He had his gun loaded and was so intent
on acquiring a new winter coat.
That as he walked along the path,
he hummed a song in his throat and smiled.
Ole lyle, he heard the hunter a mile away,
and thought to himself, "That hunter seems pretty gay."
"I Think I'll creep up behind him, and make his day."
The Hunter, he was intent, on getting himself a winter coat.
He walked through the woods, for hours and hours
Through pine needle filled galleys, and leafy Bowers,
The aspens swayed as he heard a sound,
and then he turned around.
Ole lyle, he'd heard the hunter a mile away,
and that poor hunter, never had a chance.
And as the fall progressed he danced around,
in his newly tanned suede coat.
Christopher H. Holte

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