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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Icebreakers stuck under the Polar skies

First there was one boat stuck in the ice,
Down in the antipodes, very cold but nice.
Then came an icebreaker, chopped through the cold
Came close to rescue them, to save them from the ice.
The Icebreaker got stuck, as it chugged and tugged.
Then there were two boats, stuck in the ice.
The two boats put out a call; "We are stuck in the ice"
So along came a third Icebreaker, to break through the Ice.
The icebreaker got stuck in the frozen seas before they got too far.
Now there were three boats stuck, under the Southern Cross stars.
So they sent along a fourth boat, "we'll give it one more try.
Next thing you know there were four boats stuck, under the wintry skies.

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