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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Don't cry

To Evi

Don't Cry

Don't cry my friend
If you're unhappy with long and painful sighs
Don't lament the end
for ends are always new beginnings.
Don't feel sorry for the past
Do learn, we need to learn fast.
the way to amend bad ends is to make amends.
...and move on.
To Jeannette

Little Girl

You have a little girl
such a bright and happy little girl.
Do teach her well and she will grow
to love you so, basking in the warm glow,
of love and loves greatest rewards
Try too hard to hold her in her grasp
and she will go
Try to hold her too hard
and you will never know, why you lost her.

Chris Holte, 1982

In the early 80's I tried to help a woman and her child who lived in East Germany, Dresden. I believe this poem was written thinking of them.

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