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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter is coming

Winter is coming.

The grass is still green,
but all the summer life has seeded
and is putting itself into a deep deep sleep,
Husbanding energy for the dark days ahead.
Sleep so deep,
that one would think life is dead.
The birds have fled
Down to the south
where it will be warm far from here.
And the sun will keep it's presence high above
While the dark creeps longer into morning and evening
and shadows arise.
Meanwhile we are here in the north
where the sun shines more brightly,
for the cold coming near.
And when the dark days come we will remember the sun.
And soon enough the cold will pass,
and the seeded life reawake at last.

Christopher H. Holte, written 10/28/2014 while visiting the 311 Fukushima group at facebook.

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