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Friday, December 12, 2014

We Demand that Congress raise the National Minimum wage and peg the rate to inflation

We demand that any Representative wishing to represent our district, or Senator wishing to represent our State Commit to raising the minimum wage. He/she will not receive our vote if he/she does not support a vote on raising the minimum wage, push to get that vote on the floor and not ever vote against it. If he/she does not support this demand we will find another representative who will and will not vote for this representative in the primary. We will support the candidate who agrees to support this demand. We will not support any candidate who does not sign an agreement to work for the majority of Americans who benefit from people making a living wage.

This is one of Bernie Sanders 12 plank items. It's the Second easiest one to quantify. The National Minimum wage should be as a threshold value the value that brings people above the poverty level for a family of four, and as an objective it should raise people to a fully living wage. To achieve this in a single election cycle requires that Congress pass a minimum wage increase. To sustain it, we should require that the minimum wage be indexed for inflation and be automatically increased when the cost of living demands that this happen. This should be on a list of Democratic demands for any candidate who wants to call him or herself a Democrat.

It should have a high priority as it contributes to the other core goals of pay equity and making trade work for workers.

Bernies list (reminder)

Reprising Bernies list with priorities (note I upped priority of #5) This is #5:

  1. Rebuilding Our Roads H
  2. Reversing Climate Change M
  3. Creating Jobs M
  4. Protecting Unions M
  5. Raising the Wage H
  6. Pay Equity M
  7. Making Trade Work for Workers M
  8. Cutting College Costs M
  9. Breaking Up Big Banks M
  10. Bringing Health Care to All M
  11. Ending Poverty M
  12. Stopping Tax Dodging Corporations M


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