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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Old Soul

Her eyes, just seem to know,
things she ought not to have seen.
Yet she wears such knowledge lightly,
as if she's been there before,
and is in no hurry to go there again.
One can't quite place how she could have those eyes,
that seem to see right through you to your soul.
Is she an old soul?
Or just blessed with some measured quality?
She just seems to know,
without the need to be so mean,
she just seems to know this world enough,
that her sweet smile is actually quite tough.
as to give an angry retort,
she can cut so clean, with a sweet smile,
that penetrates right to the heart.
You talk to her and you half expect,
that she'll take tea with your grandfather,
and send him off with sage advice.
But then she'll take up her dolls and go outside.
And do her tea with them.
Or is she communing with old friends?
Is she an old soul?
Or just a little girl with eyes that know?
Christopher H. Holte

Inspired by this article and the picture with it:

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