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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The ineffable One

The ineffable one doesn't play favorites.
He's quite willing to give hell to Christians or Muslims.
...or anyone.
The ineffable one doesn't belong to us.
We are the property of the ineffable Universe.
Our authorities tell us tales,
but the truth is on our heads.
If we believe a myth or lie,
we are in mortal peril not denial.
Faith is an act of courage,
but it shouldn't be deceit.
The ineffable one hates false teachers,
even more than he hates disloyal followers. matter how elite.
There may be a burning Bush
There may be a beckoning pillar of fire
But we won't be able to see it
If we are blinded by cynicism
or falsehoods.
Christopher H. Holte 5/16/2015

Part of the Burning Bush Poem

There ain't no burning bush,
no beckoning pillar of fire.
There ain't no Bearded God,
to pull us from our mire.
Everything we do.
Has consequences in every way.
And we judge ourselves
at the end of the day.

This poem was written long ago. Ironically one major set of poems was inspired by 9/11, when I finally beheld my Burning Bush and Pillar of fire, horrifyingly burning in the South of Manhattan. When the ineffable one talks to us. Do we even listen?

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