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Thursday, September 3, 2015

When the Media is Hostile to the Truth

I've been reading about the 19th century a lot as I continued my delving into our countries actual history in order to un-spin the narrative that I learned in High School and College. In the 1890's reformers had to create their own alternative media because most newspapers were intensely partisan and most were, like Faux news is today, completely unprofessional. If anything the experience has sensitized me to parallels from today. We are facing a hostile media that cannot report anything on progressive issues honestly or without giving "equal" time to RW propaganda.

Kerry gave an excellent speech yesterday. But it wasn't reported well. CNN and CSPAN reported it. NBC spun it. and I'm not sure what the other channels did. But I doubt Fox even mentioned it. The media are playing "Hearst Newspapers" with Iran. In the 1890's when the Hearst family wanted a war -- they and allied papers would hype up what they wanted people to know -- and they'd get their war. The media conglomerates are doing something equally irresponsible now by hyping faulty information about the Iran deal (both here and in Israel) while not covering, or poorly covering information to the contrary.

Media Matters

Media Matters is covering this skewed coverage and notes:

"Media outlets are playing up" a faulty poll "that found a majority of Americans opposed to a deal recently signed by the U.S. and major world powers with Iran, believing it will make the world "less safe." But that poll gave respondents no information about the deal, while other more comprehensive polls have found that when respondents are actually informed about the terms of the deal, a majority support it."

They are doing their best to ensure that nobody, especially the Jewish community in both countries, finds out the real details of the treaty until after the vote.

For the real details of the deal read:
If you want to help, this article has some suggestions:
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