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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Corrupt Supreme Court of the USA (SCOTUS) overturns a bribery conviction

Our incredibly corrupt Supreme Court (SCOTUS) announced they are going to hear the case of the even more corrupt former Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and his appeal of his conviction on bribery. The courts continue to affirm that the private separate advantage (tyranny) of money and power to buy private separate access and undue influence are:

"protected free speech."

While the speech of 99% of us doesn't matter. If as expected McDonnell gets himself exonerated, rather than talk about a new constitutional amendment, it's time to talk about impeaching some justices.

From the NPR website comments (taken 1/16/2016)

"Unless a politician is twirling a mustache with a bag of money saying they are doing it only for the filthy lucre, that if not for the bribe money that was stolen from widows, orphans, and the disabled, they would do/not do otherwise... its not really bribery according to the Supreme Court. I think manically laughing afterwards is still not needed... but it gives Republicans something to dream for in future court rulings."


Judge: "But did he laugh manically afterwards?" "No your honor." "I see. Not guilty." *corrupt politician laughs manically twirling mustache throwing money in air*


Judge, catching some of the money; "You are Welcome."

Further Reading

SCOTUS used the Citizens United Case as a precedent to overturn over 100 years of case law and bitter experience by throwing out Montana's anti Corruption laws in 2012:
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*Note, the corrupt Supreme Court has determined that even quid pro quo bribery is now difficult to prosecute

Not to mention the McCutcheon case.

But don't believe me. Read some of these articles.


Post Script

The Author of the SCOTUS Blog notes that the McCutcheon decision, which was even more egregious than Citizens United was greeted by major lobbyists with glee:

"in a memo issued by Covington & Burling, a prominent Washington law firm, on the day the McCutcheon decision was issued."

Where they noted that in “reality”:

"After today’s decision, we expect to see the emergence of large “Super JFCs” [Joint Fundraising Committees] that will have many candidate participants. These Super JFCs will be able [to] accept very large contributions in a single check. For high net worth individuals, this means they will be able to write fewer checks than before, but now with much greater impact."

And they predicted, accurately that:

"Going forward, we expect today’s decision will increase the political power of Members of Congress who have a strong relationship with high net worth donors. We also expect it to increase the influence of major donors."

Indeed that is what is happening. SCOTUS not only eviscerated Bribery laws and campaign contribution laws, they enabled massive inequality and corruption and legitimized an emerging oligarchy. Rather than gathering a super majority of Democrats to overturn Citizens United with a new constitutional Amendment that a Future SCOTUS will only ignore again. We need to impeach and prosecute these Justices as the crooks they are.

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  1. Excellent post. I'm beginning to think there may be a global group of powerful cabals that are in control of governments just so they can play games with each other at our expense