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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A little Electoral Troll humor

Troll Troll on the knoll
Surfing the internet
Big fat troll at the bridge
Collecting tolls from all who cross!
Don't wanna pay?
At the end of the day
You'll be roasting on a spit!
Run real fast! You still might pass!
And he will have a fit!
But if he catches you
He'll put you on a spit
And make you "feel the Bern"
Droll troll on the knoll
No sense of humor at all
Comes out at night
Full of anger
At everything in sight!
But if you can trap him
In a thread
He'll argue til first light
And when the sun comes up
And the light strikes him
Poor fellow, he'll turn to stone!

Christopher H. Holte

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