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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Make a Difference in 24 Hours

My Friends Michael Jackson (not the other one) and Leroy Nesbitt and the Black Student Fund have to struggle each year to raise enough money to support the thousands, millions of High School Graduates who don't have the depth of resources to pay for a college education, or even workforce training. This year's donation effort is a "challenge effort" in which a benefactor has promised to match donations. We had 3 hours to make a donation, at the point I wrote this, when I wrote this, to get the benefit of matching donations, but this is a worthwhile cause any day of the year.

Their website says;

"It's a With your support you will help BSF Scholars continue achieving academic, personal, and professional success."

They note that donation today will:

  1. Help BSF scholars enroll in SAT and ACT test prep classes.
  2. Help fund BSF’s Bishop T. Walker Award given to a graduating senior BSF scholar.
  3. Help BSF scholars participate in BSF’s Community Day at Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home.
  4. Help BSF scholars attend an annual outing at the Anacostia Playhouse.
  5. Help families attend the 43rd Annual Independent School Fair.

For more on this subject please go to this page.

I donated.

For more on the Black Student Fund and GABIDDC:

GABIDDC Partnership with Black Student Fund:
GABIDDC Partnership Page

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