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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Heart

When the heart is broken once,
it skips a beat.
When the heart is broken twice,
it thumps and thumps and murmurs in disgust.
But it continues doing what it must.
It takes a lot of abuse to break that heart on down.
Mostly it continues ticking til they put us in the ground.
Good friends and lovers die.
Or, worse, leave us, seemingly alone and in tears.
But the heart is still there, that constant old friend.
Telling us "I'm alive" and I'll beat my way again.
Those who have a lot of heart.
Have a lot of heart to give.
And the more our heart works for us;
the more it bleeds like a sieve
The more we can give joy to others,
even when we grieve.
Chris Holte 6/19/2016

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