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Monday, August 29, 2016

An Evil time

I knew it was an evil time.
I could feel the weight trying to pull me down.
I don't know if it was my imagination,
but an army of reapers seemed to be walking the earth.
And one of them seemed standing near me.
Tugging on my sleeve.
I said, keep away from me!
And went on to grieve,
for all who I knew were passing away
these evil days.
It may be just my imagination.
But I can feel when some folks are letting go.
And while i know I'll miss them deep in my soul.
At least they could let go
of the weight of an evil world.
And I know, they were taking both the good and evil.
But especially those who committed no crime.
And I say to the ineffable lord of the Universe;
Please take your evil eye off of me.
and roll the other one around.
But then I consider the better people you take
....instead of me
and I say, if it is my time, let it be.
But let me finish a few things first.

Over the weekend it felt like the very gravity of the earth was tugging me down. Today I find out that so many people I love from afar, passed. It's not my time yet.

Christopher H. Holte

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