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Sunday, September 11, 2016

When I hung out by the Sea

Went to the beach,
and found the perfect spot,
up from the waves,
but near to the sea.
Tried to hang out,
but it was not to be.
In came the tide,
and with it the sea.
I had to move my blankets
Or they'd wash out with the tide.
I had to move myself,
though everything hurt when I tried.
I'd fallen asleep by the sea.
I'd made the mistake of lying out,
Sort of like a bleached whale.
But the sun burned me bad,
when I fell asleep by the sea.
So I walked slowly back to the hotel,
after buying an overpriced bottle of sunburn lotion.
And I took a painful shower in the room,
Wishing I had died, feeling kind of peeved,
for sleeping by the sea.
Well I learned a lesson from that day,
I learned to bring sunblock and umbrellas,
To wear a hat and long sleeves
when I sleep by the sea.

Chris (inspired by my Sister Susan's trip to Ocean City -- and painful memory)

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