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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Good Bye Aunt Patty

My Aunt Patty died last week. The service was 11/19/2016 (yesterday). And I wanted to memorialize her because in addition to being my mom's only Sister she was a great person; very caring, loving and dedicated to helping others. She loved most the house she lived in Lusby. A lot of stories were told yesterday. Some were too private to share here right now. But I wanted to share this poem dedicated to her. Maybe I'll write about some of them later, before I forget them and they float on the wind.
Let the children run and play here!
Love, don't send them away, my dears.
I am mother to them all, son.
Don't drive them away from where I sleep.
For their happiness is in our keep.
I sleep restfully, knowing
their footsteps are overhead
Their running comforts my dreams
They cannot disturb my sleep.
Let the children play dear,
Tell them they're always welcome here
For my time among the living is over, it is clear
And it was so they could dance near
And enjoy life beneath the sun.
Christopher Hartly Holte

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