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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Machine Jeremiah

When the robots replace the Troopers
and Sentinels stand
at every city corner
and throughout all the lands.
Then people will fear no robber,
but will come to fear the machines.
For they will have nothing to eat for dinner
But dust and dirt and bile.
When floods come to the coastal cities
And droughts to all the plains
And the waters are all polluted
with poisons, oil and toxic fumes.
Then people will find no end to hunger
But disease, rot and stench
And the wealthy will retire to their bunkers
til it is their turn to die.
When the Machines replace the Troopers
Then the Cylons will go on the march
And mankind may disappear in fumes of Sulfur
Clothed skeletons unburied in the dust.
Then the skeletons of misers
will mingle with those of paupers
And the machines will bury themselves
and no life remain anywhere.
But Cold Sentinels will stand
dangling purple threads.
At the corners throughout the land
With Rusting computer voices
Gravelly and forgotten yet still remain.
To tell the winds our lives were in vain.

Christopher H. Holte 12/8/2016

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