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Monday, December 26, 2016

Til the Black Maria's Roll

We'll deal with it my friend...
...til the Black Marias roll
We'll be together til the end
Til they take us where we go.
The mob shouted! The mob clamored!
Like wolves shouting for a leader!
To lead them into the promised land
They wanted blood to spill
For their Trumpenf├╝hrer's enemies they wanted ill
and heads to roll!
Now he struts and gesticulates like a bantam cock
With hair that dances like an orange sock.
And tiny hands
The wolves can agree only one thing
That he is their fearless leader.
It saves him from becoming chicken stock.
My friends say to each other "we'll petition and fight!"
We'll fight this evil and set things right!
Yes we'll march and demonstrate til the Black Marias Roll
We'll march and demonstrate til the Black Marias roll
Til the Black Maria's roll my friend
Til the black Maria's roll.
We'll fight together until the end
Til the Black Maria's Roll
They made him their leader, this bantam Rooster!
His chin thrust out, the crowd gives a shout!
And he is our new fearless leader!
The soldiers march and the cheerleaders cheer
And the crowds are so happy,
their new leader is here!
"We'll make America Great Again!
The crowds shout out Jail her!
They shout for blood!
They'll make our country great again!
But the corrupt status quo must go!
We'll make our country hate again!
And all who oppose us must go!
And only his mob are allowed to cast a ballot!
He shouts; "the election is rigged"
and he makes sure it is!
The ballots are stuffed!
Her voters are cuffed.
Her voters are not allowed to vote!
The votes are in, he won the election!
Though more votes were cast for her!
If her voters hadn't been allowed to cast a vote!
then he'd have won by a landslide!
The votes are in, he won the election!
Though the reality was his win was a selection!
And his wolves have won by stealing the election!
"We'll Make America Great Again!"
He appoints Generals to his staff
He warns all who criticize him not to laugh
He blusters and threatens and warns and tells the world
America should be afraid!
"And I'm the only one who can save it.
And they swear him in.
He will build a wall, he says, he does.
What he doesn't tell us
is the wall is to keep us in.
He says he'll do something about Muslims, terrorism and fear.
What he doesn't tell us that he needs that terrorism and fear
to keep fearful people following him.
Fear makes people afraid.
And so the black Maria's roll
Now the Black Marias are rolling my friend!
They are rolling across the country!
Picking up Immigrants, Muslims, Women and Children
Filling the black Maria's in the night.
and taking them to black sites
never again to be seen.
They follow that registry down to the last name.
They pick them up based on suspicion and secret evidence.
And once they have them they are never the same
Because of where the black Marias Go.
Wearing a hood, til the questioning begins.
Every kind of torture, no recourse, no trial
And we are so efficient, no mass graves.
Just never to be found.
It started with Muslims and Latino immigrants.
But soon lefties, dissidents and reporters too
They'd pay a bounty for each crew
Based on how many people they'd take.
So this became a business
Driving the Black Maria Crews.
So we march and demonstrate
We call for a new vote and file protests in court
And the officials laugh at us and take our names.
And dismiss our efforts as silly games
At least in public, but our name hits their list
When the black Maria's roll
we'll make our stand
behind barricades hand in hand
We'll endure bullets and bombs
And we'll be together til the end
til they take us where they go.

Christopher H. Holte, 12/26/2016

I pray this is not prophetic.


When Humans Act like Dogs (1/19/2017)


It's going to be a dark night
I dread the setting sun.
A winter coming of dread & fear
A Hot summer of sirens & doors knocked down
I can't understand humans
When we people act like dogs
When we gather in packs
tear victims to shreds.
& fight over scraps.
But I'd rather be a human
Then act like a pig.
I won't wallow in the muddy swamp
Or let fear keep me down.
I'll soldier on
Til the dawn of morning light
And I'll sigh in relief
When people are humans again

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