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Monday, March 27, 2017

Revisionism as a Way of Life

A few weeks ago I thought to try to open up a dialogue with a Baltimore Pundit, whose name escapes me but who is a doctrinaire conservative. I shared an article on the extended Lincoln/Douglas debates that won him the Presidency in 1860, and he rejected my argument as "revisionist." I would have laughed but he was serious. His comment made me realize that when dealing with Cons, I mean conservatives, one is dealing with iron clad myths. It really doesn't matter whether they are objectively true or not, once they become dogma, revision of one's opinions, understanding, even appreciation of facts, is "revisionism." That ancient conflation of the hebrew Herem (proscribed) with the greek Heresis (choice), that gave us the word Heresy, is a gift that keeps on giving. One can't argue with facts, I thought.

As long as "revisionism" is a slur, and revising one's theories is anathema. Then science is in trouble and the world will continue to be in trouble. Science doesn't move through merely "new discoveries" but through verification and validation. A Scientist is simply an honest person. One doesn't take an a-priori dogma and look for facts to justify it, if one is an honest person. But if one has dogma or an a-priori belief, one does just that. Revisionism becomes heresy. Choice becomes a crime. And facts are decided by what authorities say the facts are. Thus the ancient roots of fascism are found in dogmatic belief.

I'm proud to be a revisionist. I'll be revising my own ideas til the day I die. If I'm lucky I'll see the gates of heaven and St. Peter will tell me I was wrong on a few things. But I'd rather be wrong based on facts, than assert I'm right based on dogma. Dogmas are often lies and delusions so old, they are asserted as doctrine and forced into belief systems despite the dysfunctional consequences. You'd think people would learn from experience. But dogmatic people don't.

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*** since this is the park service and the GOP revanchists will probably take these pages down at some point. I saved copies

Thursday, March 23, 2017

We Gave the Russian's Oligarchs. Now they are giving back

When the Berlin Wall fell, cadres of mostly Republican, Pirates descended on Russia to "help" them privateer on "reforming" the Soviet System. They didn't really reform anything. What they did was pretty much sell all the assets of the country off to the highest bidders, who were usually connected and savvy former KGB agents, Party leaders, or simply savvy local pirates. The result was that the standard of living of the country fell, access to healthcare, jobs even food dropped. But a few people got immensely wealthy, either by successfully seizing Turf (Properties) or using their connections to be first in line for properties. American Carpetbaggers also got wealthy "helping" the Russians. All those people have now come home to loot US.

We "helped" the Russians transform themselves into a Kakistocracy. Now they are returning the favor.

For more on this:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Tiger Prowls

I wrote this in 2011 by hand. Posted it in 2012 on facebook. This article from the Washington Post on Robin Williams brought me back to the poem. Before my wife died. Most of what was in it, I thought, was referring to other inmates in the first circle of hell. One in particular was a man struggling to find the money to keep his wife alive. But no, the Tiger was coming for my wife. Since then the Tiger keeps taking members of my family, immediate and extended. If ACA goes away, the tiger will take more people than before.

The Tiger prowls my corridors
I hear her sobbing in the front row
Does the Tiger argue with God?
If we are meant to find a peaceful world
Why did He create the Tiger?

Inspired by real life and this article in the Post:…/2…/04/21/AFGGtLEF_story.html

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rules for Survival -- Masha Gessen

Masha Gessen is warning people that we need to follow 6 basic rules if we want to survive the totalitarian regime that is installing itself in our country:

In My own Words
1. Autocrats Mean their Nasty Business
2. Appearances of Normality are a Trap
3. The establishment can't save Us
4. Outrage is necessary - They will Gaslight!
5. Compromise only fails with authoritarians.
6. This too will pass (maybe). Tyrants fail.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Like an Aging Wine

My Dad was like an aging wine
Doing the right thing all of the time
I hear about corruption
I hear about evil
But when I think of my father
I think only virtue
My father was like an aging wine
Getting better and wiser all of the time
I hear about evil
I hear about injustice
I hear about crime
But my Dad was a hero
All of the time

His business was facts
Engineering real virtue
He left the world better
For all that he did
No games, nothing underhanded
What you saw is what you got.
No better man, no finer man
Could ever anyone find
He grew wiser.
He grew stronger
Like a fine aging wine
Never a complaint
Never a whine
He sailed the seas of life
Steady in calm, or stormy winds.
In this universe he was the best
I suppose the ineffable one took a sip
He woke up quietly this morning
Not to disturb Mom
He made his hot chocolate
And set it by his chair.
But before he could drink it
The ineffable one took him.
My father was like a fine wine
Aging sweeter all the time.
When the ineffable one saw it was his time.
The Creator of Space and Time, took a sip.
Christopher H. Holte, March 4, 2017

Putin's World; poison, psyops and controlled opposition

Psy-Ops, poison, calculated controlled opposition. What do you do when the Reds control both the Left and the Right? Worse what do you do when it turns out that gangs of oligarchs are trying to pit you against one another?

Welcome to Putin's world! Where governments start acting like Mafia, or Renaissance Borgia Rulers. What is nice to know is that they are just mafia, doing business and using politics and crimes to hide their pettiness & greed.