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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Controlled Opposition and Active Measures

Are We experiencing Controlled Opposition?

Say it Ain't So Louise!

What should be in The Second Bill of rights? Draft

In addition to FDR's six Amendment proposals we esperately need:

  1. An amendment to protect rights of Natural Born Persons against Artificial persons.
  2. Nationalizing the Voting System and protecting Voting Rights for everyone
  3. Direct Election of the President

We Democrats must make our charter more functional. A Second Bill of Rights is more important than ever!

Health Care is a Utility

Some Goods are Utilities

I was listening to Randi Rhodes and she started talking about health care as a Utility and it hit me,

yes it is!

Almost all the great fortunes in this country come from people creating, developing, buying or stealing control over, goods of such importance that they are utilities! Henry George was defining the criteria for a Utility. His ideas would have powerful effect on the laws of the United States for the next 50 years.

  • Healthcare is a public utility. Hospitals, clinics, Emergency response people, are all providing vital utility to us.
  • Likewise, Energy, power networks, communications networks, cable companies, satellite systems, etc.... are all utilities.
  • Our education system, colleges, high schools, libraries, etc... are all utilities too.

They are so important that they need to be regulated and ruled in the public interest. And for private persons to own and make vast unearned fortunes off of them is piracy. At the same time, those providing the Utility to people, are important, and should be provided for and sustained in gratitude.

This is a simple, but powerful concept. And of course the concept has been a target for privateering recently!

This ought to be obvious. Windows is a Utility. So are the operating systems on your phone. And so are your phones and laptops. People should make a living from utilities. But not vast fortunes.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Russian Agents, Gaslighting Spun News and Ongoing Active Measures

Steele Dossier Page 15:

The Trumpian movement to create a Domestic Brownshirts force is moving along. Fortunately it's not attracting mass crowds because, maybe, rank an file Trumpeters might be figuring out that Trump is breaking his promises on health care, is a narcissist and serial liar. I don't have confidence, however, that Trump will fail. He has dedicated cadres of agents with links to the Russian Far Right, and maybe to Russian Intelligence.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tories, Neoliberalism, NeoKeynesianism versus Post Keynesianism

We Are Not Neoliberal

Friends of mine constantly accuse various Democrats of being "neoliberal". The term has some definite meaning to it, and so I find their use of it to be sloppy, broad-brushing and usually defamatory. What it isn't is anything to do with the actual Democratic Party and it's ideology. It is a defamation of Democrats to call us "neo-liberal." The term has a real meaning and is used wrongly by those trolling us, who use it. They can call themselves intellectuals, but they are defaming the party and what it stands for when they call us that.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


In the dialogue with the faux Christian right, there is no redemption. There is little talk of forgiveness, redemption or mercy - much less of humility, love or repentance. They also seem to ignore the Gospels.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Franklin As a Modern Money Advocate

This continues a post Tory Economics Versus Benjamin Franklin which in turn completes something I wrote back in 2015. Benjamin Franklin was no angel, but his observations about money and economics were on point. And he made some important points about the money supply that seem to have been deliberately forgotten, again and again, in subsequent years.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Unholy Alliance

On June 9th 2017 Zach Carter posted an article in the Huffington where the author talks about the distinction between aristocratic conservatism and authoritarianism. My Friend Harvey Kaye turned me on to the article with a tweet. But on reading it I had a lot of second thoughts. The central Thrust is on Point. However, he labels Democrats as "Good Aristocrats" and miscasts what we did (and tried to do) in the 2016 election. Still he describes what we are up against fairly decently. If incomplete. We are fighting Gaslighting and Flying Monkeys on both Left, Right and from Russia. And many folks don't realize they are gaslighting or being gaslighted.

Fixing the Air Traffic Control System for real with Public Trust

I support the notion of detaching the Management of our National Airlanes from the FAA's regulatory Role. However, privatizing the system would be a gross mistake.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tory Economics Versus Benjamin Franklin

Franklin saw paper money as a necessary tool for local government in the colonies. The purpose of paper money was, and is, to facilitate commerce. The value of paper money is that it can be used to pay taxes, which in turn are used to pay for services performed for the local jurisdiction. This keeps enough circulation going to facilitate trade and commerce.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pirates and Privateers of the Americas

Grifters Opportunists and Pirates

Anyone who thinks that Privatizing our roads, railroads and infrastructure. Or legalizing monopolies is a good thing, doesn't know the real history of piracy and monopoly in this country. As we brace ourselves for another round of privateering, it is important to outline some of that history.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A More Effective Democratic Infrastructure

Democratic Clubs And Organizing For America

The Democratic Party has One mission and that is representing the people in our country who form our coalition and of serving them. As such the party has two different roles in moderating our selection and election of officers to represent and serve us. The first role is to ensure that the people in our party select the best possible candidates for office and the second one is to ensure that as many of those candidates as possible get elected. This first role is served in our primary system specifically. The second is served in the general elections that follow candidate selection. In the first phase the party has to provide neutral judges and processes to ensure that candidates are vetted and fit for office.