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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wag The Dog by a Con Artist President

Trump is now threatening Nuclear War on North Korea. The North Koreans have the ability to reply to a violent threat, in kind. The pundits are normalizing his Hitlerian threats.

Most of what Trump says is Braggadocio and bluster.
But when he makes a threat he tries to deliver with all his muster.
Trump has lied all his days since he was a youth.
The whole truth is that he is a grifter

All true, but what do we do?

Trump is entirely capable of launching an attack on North Korea. The pundits may think he's talking to China. He may think that his brinkmanship may make the Chinese will back down. I'm afraid he is trying to start a war.

The Reality of a Nascent Dictator

Trump is a grifter. Eventually his backers among working people will figure this out. He's not supporting decent wages, actual healthcare reform, tax breaks on labor or any of the things that you would expect would make working people support him. Instead he's supporting racist, xenophobic and bullying rhetoric. He knows that nationalism sells. Start a new war and he thinks workers will stand in line to show their patriotism. One things is for sure, for those crazy people who elected to him on the slogan that he'd "burn it all down.

Be careful what you ask for. You may get it!

Poem Continued

Beating War Drums

Beating the war drums
Telling the public
"We have no choice,"
While no one is talking to them
And we only hear
The propagandist's voice!
Pirates send their dogs!
Sea Dogs happily wagging their tails!
Salivating at the prospect of loot & glory
& pardons for sins without fail!
Telling the public
"We have no choice,"
While no one is talking to them
And we only hear
The propagandist's voice!
Beating war drums
Arrayed like chicken hawks
Preening before the flocks.
"War is the last resort!
They give us no choice!"
Always choice!
The Tyrant wants to go to war.
He doesn't hide his hate.
He removes the diplomats
Who would speak for him.
& goads them towards their fate!

Post Script

Lexicon of Con

In the lexicon of "con"
A grifter is a con drifter
Bribe, grift, con & swindle are all synonyms
Honesty & virtue; antonyms!
Truthfulness is a virtue,
but Trump's Lies fly swifter.

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