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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Corporations Hoarding Loot

Our Blindness towards Hoarding

Today I listened to an "economist" on Bloomberg talk about the slow US economy and how "neither fiscal nor monetary policy" could spur more growth. For him and the businesses he serves this is 'caused' by excessive "government regulation." We've been hearing this claim since the late 70s and from the 80s to about 2008 policy makers bought it. It is not true. But nobody debated him when he started. Now that the Trickle Down Crowd ideas have been refuted, they claim nobody knows what to do. None of that is true! What causes recessions and depressions is looting and the hoarding of that loot!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Twitler and the Hurricane Maria

Cold Comfort

Twitler reacted to the disaster in Puerto Rico by declaring war on Football players, North Korea, Republicans and ....

Puerto Rico!

Meanwhile the people of Puerto Rico are still without food, water, medicine, energy or basic support from our Federal Government. His FEMA director finally said something, goaded by Hillary Clinton, all the living Presidents and a lot of bad publicity. He said ships were on their way. He lied. The Comfort was still in port and won't be in Puerto Rico for a week. Supplies sit on the docks. Trump won't waive the Jones Act. Turns out Trump lost money on a Golf Course in Puerto Rico. Twitler seems to be punishing Puerto Rico for his own incompetence or petty hate.

Please Visit:

Maria Fund

I'm glad they didn't repeal ACA protections but we live in truly insane times. And 35% of us only believe whatever Trump and his flying monkey's tell them, true or false, it is only true if Trump likes it. And he does take revenge.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gerrymandering in Redistricting is Bad Constitution

The real issue with redistricting and gerrymandering is that it reflects a poorly constituted system of Government.

Our system was designed in a way that disregarded principles of geography and demographics in organizing the Federal Government. It was a kludge that reflected the fears of small states and institutions like slavery. To fix gerrymandering we must constitute the country in a way that respects the rights of people to representation of individuals and the communities they live in.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Democratic Facts

I'm still reading the book Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean. This is taking longer than I expected, for two reasons,

  1. It is long and detailed.
  2. It is about James Buchanan, so fact checking means reading his writings and some of the sources.

Waging Totalitarian War on the 90%

It is also about how conservative doctrine has become totalitarian.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Confusing Capital with Rental Opportunities

I keep running into the same faulty arguments that hinge on the same devious argument. They heap all kinds of wealth formation under the title "capital formation" and so deliberately mislead people. Now:

Capital in the Twenty First Century, by Thomas Piketty,

Does define most forms of wealth, for simplicity sake, as capital; but he did that to simplify his argument. The word capital is also misused in finance and accounting (deliberately) to refer to financial wealth. To use that simplification in formal economics however is misleading. Capital, strictly speaking is:

"wealth that is used in production, including wealth that is in the course of exchange."

That meaning excludes wealth that is used to generate rents, financial wealth, labor and "nature's bounty"; land and mineral resources. Usually those selling capitalism use the later definition for the sales, but the former definition for the reality.

And there is a reason for that.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Esotericism and the Books on the Shelf

A new translation of the Zohar, puts it in reach of modern English Speakers. The work is an apocryphal work, purportedly written around the same time as parts of the Talmud, but actually possibly not written down til the late 13th century, it represents oral teachings handed down and later written down by Rabbi's and their disciples. Who knows how many? The Zohar, like much of Mahayana Buddhism, Tendai and Nichiren Teachings, represents the work of teachers following a contemplative tradition. The Jewish Authors may not have been monks (Buddhist or Christian) but their insights are part of a tradition of meditation and contemplation with roots from before either Christianity or Judaism took their present form. That is what makes the work interesting to me. This translation of the Zohar can be useful to anyone studying religion, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or non Jew. Arthur Green, in is review of the book illustrates some of why that is true. My book (if I ever finish it) explains why. At the very least folks should read his article:

Zohar Kabbalah & Mainstream Judaism

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Government is and isn't a Business

People in this country are really confused about how Government should function. Many think it should be run like a business. Indeed Government should be run like a well run business. But more importantly a well run business is a well governed business.

The reason people are confused about the relationship between business and government is that businesses are governing entities! When Government is run for the sake of Oligarchs only, it is tyranny and privateering!

The Lockean Definition of Tyranny is government for "private, separate advantage.":

We give the people within them the privilege of governing property, their own affairs and in return a sane society expects them to operate within the parameters of that title or charter. This corporate privilege allows Businesses to be run for the private separate advantage of the owners and senior management, within restrictions set by law. When everyone behaves it works for the greater good. When they don't, you get tyranny and privateering.

Government is a business of all the businesses, all the many factions and associations of the people within its jurisdiction. So it has to be run for the people's business, like a virtuous business, and not like a pirate camp.