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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Real Scandal at the FBI

Trumplandia Scandal

Someone has called this the Trumplandia Scandal. Apparently the NY City branch of the FBI had a significant cohort of ruthless Trump Supporters centered around a colorful assemblage of working and retired Cops and FBI Agents. This scandal is ongoing, because these same agents are attacking the FBI for a whole host of made up and real crimes. The Perps in the Trumplandia scandal are almost a whose who of scoundrels, corrupt FBI agents, and maybe even blackmailers and crooks. As a result the Inspector General investigation started by FBI Director Comey before he was fired may be as important to understanding Trumpland corruption as what they did with the Russians.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

How fast do they grow!

How fast do they grow?
Grown up before you know!
One day they fit in your hands
Then they are gone,
singing their own song!
Oh Why are they in such a hurry!
It always seems late!
Off in a Rush!
attacking their fate.
Jumping out the gate!
So Fast do they grow!
Gone before you know!
When you love them they love you too
But somehow it still sears your soul!
To see them vanish in the distance.
But we want them to fly!
Fly far and fly high!
All we pray for is that they don't die
Before our own journeys are done.
That we can fly in the sun.
Christopher H. Holte

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Second amendment sophism And Militia "Armed in America"

Antonin Scalia has died since I drafted this post. There were 3 separate mass shootings before I published this post. And since I published this there have been many more mass murders using fire-arms that have no business being on the street. I hope the NRA paid him well, because I'm sure he is burning in hell. To come up with Scalia's corrupt claim that the second amendment conveys a unilateral individual right to bear arms, Scalia had to corrupt the English language, parse the plain text of the first half of the second amendment and invent an interpretation that hearkens more to 80 years of NRA propaganda but not to the "originalist founders" he claimed to get his inspiration from.

The fact is that the second amendment is not and should not be a barrier to regulating arms, yet the Supreme Court in their extreme combination of recklessness and fecklessness overturned 200 years of understanding of the Second Amendment. I explained why in this post:

Why DC vs Heller was badly decided

But if you want to truly understand the Second Amendment you have to turn elsewhere from the Corrupt Supreme Court. A good place to start, indeed the smart place to start was with Patrick J Charles' book:

"Armed in America, A history of Gunrights"

While I drafted this before Scalia died. I've been researching the subject since long before the Heller decision. But I needed to do a deep dive. The Heller decision was so awful that it made me do that deep dive on the subject. Anyone wanting to understand the subject deeply should read that book. Maybe others too. It's a big subject.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Authoritarianism Versus Authority to Fire Anyone

Imperious Trumpus
Identifying the President with the Government

This post follows How to Subvert the USA Government This post delves into what Trump's vision of a Dictatorship looks like some.

Trump met with Russian Top Spies this past week. They tried to keep that hush hush. The memo doesn't say what the Propaganda says it says. But you wouldn't know it from what Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh says. These people are touting Trump's Manfulness. They are using language intended to deify the President. Ironically the people most susceptible to this kind of thinking are folks in the Born Again Christian movement. They can't seem to tell the difference between the Anti-Christ and the return of Christ. They are looking for a Boss to tell them what to do.

Sacralizing Power

Masha Gessen writes about what is happening in the New Yorker, she quotes this tweet:

Note that the tweet contains these "buzz-words":

  • Claims that officials politicized the investigation
  • Calls the investigative process "sacred"
  • labels the process as partisan "in favor of Democrats" & "against Republicans"
  • Says that this would be "unthinkable" before.