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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Substantive vs Procedural Due Process

I am incredibly worried about #Trumpenfuhrer and his power. If we hope to fix our immigration mess, it has to start with recognizing that there is such a thing as "Substantive Due Process" and a reaffirmation of basic Human Rights and Inalienable Rights theory into the law.

Affirming Substantive Due Process

Flores and Reno, did believe in substantive due process, and they worked out a settlement Agreement in 1997 after "over a decade of litigation responding to the U.S. government’s detention policy of children. The agreement set national standards regarding the detention, release, and treatment of all children in immigration detention and underscores the principle of family unity." [Settlement]

Russia, Veselnitskaya, Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers

I started this post last year in August, 2017. I wrote this while reading the material on The Steele "Trump Dossier", and Bill Browder's testimony. Later the testimony of Glenn Simpson would corroborate and contextualize Bill Browder's testimony but at the time too much was happening too fast and too many writers were covering too much material for me to focus on finishing it and so I focused on reading the information and following the reporters. So this got buried behind other posts. I need this information in one place for my own future reference. This page will change as I get better information. I should have gone ahead and published it then. But because since then an entire cornocopia corpus of books, articles and Mueller Investigation reports has grown up around the subject. I'm remedying that now.

Anyway Browder was a businessman who invested in Russia, found his companies accounts in arrears and hired a Russian guy named Magnitsky to sort out what was happening. In the process he found out that officials were stealing from his company. Magnitsky, being an intrepid accountant filed a complaint and that led him to be arrested, beaten and tortured, and killed in jail for the crime of telling on the Prosecutor General of Russia. I wrote on that in another blog entry. I need to get straight whether his name is Bill or Ben... It's Bill, but I keep calling him Ben. Oopsy... I like Ben Browder too. Loved his roles on TV.... Wonder if they are related?

My post on Bill Browder:
Bill Browder's Testimony and Trump Russia

And our real problem is that Trump wants a Police State that operates like the Russian Police under Yuri Chaika. I wrote on that too:

Trump Wants Chaika!

If Trump gets his Chaika, no more investigations, except into those who dare criticize or investigate! And my rightie friends seem just fine with that. So this is alarming.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Fireman

The Dream
Last night I dreamed
And everything was fine.
My loves all gathered to me
Happiness & peace of mind.
The Burning House
Outside is a world of woe.
Fire in the rafters
And lava, like hot coal, below.
But I divert myself
With the Great vehicle
Of my soul!
To Put out the Fire!
I have a hose
It's called the truth.
These are things I know.
My Soul, the summation of my life,
Depends solely on where I go.
So I choose to stay
To spray the water of truth
On all our collective pain and woe.
Fighting the Fog
Though smoke seek to overwhelm me.
I breathe calmly
Wearing the breathing gear
Of a mind free and clear.
And when I've fought
To heavenly exhaustion.
I fall into my couch
Knowing true friends gather near.
True Friends
All I love
Gather inside me.
To warm and protect me.
Encourage, warn & guide me.
They help me ward the forces of mara,
Who rend and tear, hunt and snare.
So I can protect those I love in turn.
The Mortal Path
So as my body begins to fail.
Yet my spirit continues to sail.
As nature marshals rains
To cleanse and rearrange.
And wake those in Mara's thrall.
One day we will awake all.
If I can stay awake long enough, myself
I ride on
Sadly observing the world of woe
Storms above
Fire below.
I do what I can.
I fully understand.
Will anyone listen?
Will they grab the fire hose?
Or run away with burning clothes?
All I can do is shake my head
And aim the hose of truth,
Why People Triffle
I know why they bleed!
Delusions of fear.
Anger at phantoms.
Drugs and beer.
Holding onto lies and liars.
They March into the fire
Without a hose.
Instead of putting out fires
They are burning their fingers & toes.
Carvings On the Rocks
I take comfort.
Maybe one day they will listen.
I have carved my soul
On Rocks & trees.
I have shouted from the mountain.
And some have heard.
It need not be this way.
It need not be so cruel.
Mara doesn't even want to rule.
She just is deluded too.
Choose Life!
Which future do we choose!
Choose life?
Or the path of tyranny,
Which is death.
What good does it do,
To instigate strife?
There is more than enough for two.
Why take it all?
Chris Holte, June 2018

Blowing Winds of Time

Seasons March
Winds blow and leaves turn,
take on dying colors,
go dry and burn
Billowing up into the sky,
clouds that dissipate and die
Then comes the cold,
relentless until winter gets old
Time goes by
and soon enough spring is back.
Time is blowing on the wind.
Year after year;
spring blows in,
bringing summer storms,
and falling rain
then winter again.
Change Marches
And time waits for no-one.
So a young man has fun, and soon enough a son;
And the winds blow, and go where they go;
And they bring love, and hate, tears and fate;
And soon enough an old man goes walking hand in hand;
With other old people;
With a father he barely can understand,
except that he’s been there too.
So the spring leaves return until they fall
And the snow buries all in an innocent blanket
And we walk by the walls, and say hi to our friends;
We are all like the leaves and the rain
Except that we number our loved ones
with names and stones, tears and pain.
Father and son a long march down the road;
Each thinning in his own time, each failing in turn
vanishing like a dream, Sons, fathers survive and move on
leaving markers by the road for the fallen.
We walk together with no hope of eternity
Beyond handing off a baton;
Not really enjoying the moment the baton gets handed on.
Praying our children and our children’s children do better than we did;
But knowing that in the end,
We are like clouds going by.
Daisy in the Rain
I plant a daisy in the rain
Thinking of fathers, grandfathers,
their fathers and their father’s fathers;
What must it have been like?
What secrets could they tell me?
What troubles did they bear?
What feats they dare?
Do they sleep in peace at last?
I look up at the sky
And watch the clouds walk by;
Whispers in my imagination
And their voices live in my heart.
By Christopher Hartly Holte
June 17, 2012 · Silver Spring ·
The Question
and will there be sons and daughters?
Will the baton be there to hand on?
Will we endure, survive, thrive and learn?
Will we ever learn, to live in peace?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Immigration Courts as Unjust Administrative/Admiralty Courts

The Tyranny of Mock Courts

This is pure Tyranny and breaking International Law: [UNHCR Child Asylum]

To me there is a process issue in the awful oppression of our Immigration and Naturalization Courts and ICE. This oppression is the expression of a corrupt administration. But it is inherent in the constitution of the Immigration System. The fact that we have administrative courts at all is an inheritance of our Colonial and Feudal origins. I noted the injustice and wealth favoritism of our system when I made the half joking, very serious comparisons between admiralty courts and administrative courts in this previous post:

Tribunals, Admiralty Courts, Privateers versus Common Pirates