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Friday, October 19, 2018

Falangist Fascism and Terror versus Federico Garcia Lorca

I started reading a biography of Federico Garcia Lorca as a diversion from what is going on with Trump and his Trumpers. With Horror I soon realized that what was going on in Spain was so similar to the present that reading that book was no longer a pleasure but something I had to dive into. The reason? The Right Wing in the United States is looking more and more like the 1930s Falange down to the details. The result was that I had to study the Falange down to its details, before I could digest what happened to Garcia Lorca. They murdered him.

Falange was fascism in a pure form. In the end, whether it is falangism and its offshoots, Nazism, Stalinism, Pol Potism, Maoism, or whatever, these ideologies are authoritarian, kleptocratic, kakacratic and violent. They were and are driven by a cruel mood of the citizenry and their leadership and a viciousness that is not even masked by the pretend glories and righteousness of the totalitarian movements that conduct the viciousness. The Falange went to war with liberals, progressives and people of good will in Spain. They went to war with principles of ecumenicism, equality, liberty, fraternity, good will, multiculturalism. They saw different dialects as an enemy of the State. They saw religious liberty as heresy. And they saw human freedom as perversity. Ironically that dogmatic authoritarianism led the Fascists to go on a vicious and blood thirsty rampage.

People of fundamental good will, like Federico Garcia Lorca, never had a chance of surviving the raw power of such hate. Even so killing Lorca made him a hero and a martyr to a cause and his name still stands for something opposite of the fascism of the Falangists and of Franco. Franco is now a name remembered by most people with Shame. Lorca is celebrated by much of the Spanish Speaking World. He is still a difficult subject for people with rigid beliefs.

This continues: The Life of Garcia Lorca and Fascist Spain

Celebrating a Life

What Is Falangism?

The Word Falange comes from the Spanish for "Phalanx". Similar fascist movements in other countries have a similar meaning. I have a series of posts on Falangism:

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I'm going to update this again later.

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