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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Trump's Kingpin

Matthew Whitaker, Kingpin

Trump's Kingpin has no business having a law license must less as Attorney General

Matt Whitaker; Kingpin in the News

The truth is coming out about Trump's Kinpin. This past week Matt Whitaker was in the news twice. Once for a report that Trump lashed out at Matt Whitaker for not interfering in the Mueller Investigation! Quoting Giuliani (who is lying):

“"The president and his lawyers are upset about the professional prosecutors in the Southern District of New York going after a non-crime and the innuendo the president was involved," Giuliani said.”Washington Examiner

But our sources for this are Whitehouse insiders who support Whitaker shutting down Mueller and the investigation.

Refusing to recuse

Whitaker put himself in charge of the Mueller investigation despite being strongly advised that he should be recused from that investigation. He never sought that advice and rejected unsolicited advice from ethics officials there. As expected, he refused to recuse (remove) himself from areas he has a clear conflict of interest. Not even an appearance!

“Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker disregarded the advice of a Justice Department ethics official to step aside from overseeing Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.” [CNN]

When this news was leaked. First was leaked that the Ethics Officials had approved his assuming control over the Mueller investigation. Then leaked the truth.

Why is this important?

When Kingpin Whitaker was appointed to be Acting Attorney General, it was from a position he'd been hired into as a:

"subordinate [inferior] officer"

who hadn't been approved by Congress. He never should have been elevated into Acting Attorney General in the first place. The Attorney General Position is governed by Statute and the Constitution as one where Officers must be approved by Congress – But it is worse than that.

Continual Obstrauction

By putting himself in charge of the Mueller investigation he has the power to redact, classify and obstruct the investigation. There is circumstantial evidence he's doing that. The Washington Post claims that whitaker has the ability:

”to block any significant action Mr. Mueller takes.” [Wa Po article]

and there is some evidence that he's doing as Trump orders as reported by CNN, in that incident Giuliani leaked:

“pressed Whitaker on why more wasn’t being done to control”

the prosecutors, who he suggested were

“going rogue,”” Slate

I think Whitaker is behind some of the delays in the Mueller probe. There are things he can do that can torpedo the case without anyone knowing it - unless Mueller can turn them.

Whitaker's Shady Finances

And then there is the matter of funding. All these high level grifter operatives seem to be getting paid by shady "lobbyist" groups, who seem to be running the government from lawyers offices.

“Mr. Whitaker worked for nearly four years as the executive director of the group, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, also known as FACT, before being tapped as chief of staff for Jeff Sessions, then the attorney general, in September 2017. Mr. Whitaker became acting attorney general this month after Mr. Sessions was forced out.” NY Times
“The group provided the overwhelming majority of his income since at least 2016, according to the filings released Tuesday by the Justice Department.” NY Times

When Whitaker was Executive director of FACT, he worked with the Judicial Crisis Network and led the fight to block Merrick Garlin's nomination, when he:

“demanded Harvard University release records having to do with Garland’s role in the debate in the early 1970s over whether to allow ROTC recruiters on that campus. ” Open Secrets

Of course he only wants transparency of Democrats. Both FACT and JCN keep their donors names secret thru a front organization known as Donors Trust. They also have the same Treasurer, Neil Corkery, and are thus fronts for the same behind the scenes groups behind Donor's Trust. Indeed Donor's Trust apparently is a front for one person.
Donors Trust Website
Donors Trust is explicitly linked to the Cato Institute, so is most likely a Charles Koch instrument.

Whitaker should never have been hired by the Justice Department

Whitaker was hired by the DOJ, despite the fact he is the target (or subject) of an ongoing fraud investigation and there is ample news that:

“Whitaker knew of fraud complaints while at World Patent Marketing”
“Whitaker also threatened those complaining about fraud rather than helping them.”Documents

Those letters suggest he was an active participant in bilking customers at World Patent Marketing. This is a man whose bar license should be in danger. Not a man who should be leading the Justice Department. And that is not even including the fact that he went on TV and advocated shutting down the Mueller investigation before ever Trump hired him. This is a travesty. Which is why I call him Kingpin.

He also lied about his grades, his performance at baseball, and probably about other things. But those are secondary to these other matters.

Example of Whitaker's Threats

World Patent Marketing

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Posted December 22, 2018, updated since.

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