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Monday, August 5, 2019

Article 2: – Perfidy:Donald Trump's cruel abuse of Power, engaging in Cruel and Genocidal Actions

Article 2: – Perfidy:Donald Trump's cruel abuse of Power, engaging in Cruel and Genocidal Actions

Donald J. Trump, in his capacity as President of the United States, unmindful of his duties and responsibilities has engaged in illegal, extra-legal and genocidal behavior. This behavior violates international law and norms, US law, and has resulted in numerous deaths and harm to persons in his trust. Donald John Trump has escalated from the racist and bigoted speech, threats and incitement of his first few years into efforts to build concentration camps for immigrants, asylum seekers and to begin to build the infrastructure needed to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Criminal and Unconstitutional Actions

In his efforts to end what he calls “chain migration”

  • separated parents from children,
  • indefinitely detained people not even charged yet, with misdemeanor border crossing.
  • indefinitely detained asylum seekers who previously would have been released to family.
  • separated children from their parents in order to deem their children as abandoned.
  • Closed legal crossings thereby causing the death of migrants forced to either wait at the border or to perilously cross deserts and rivers.
  • Endangered people in his custody via over-crowding, indefinite detention and cruel treatment.
  • Caused the unnecessary deaths of migrants and children of migrants.
  • Detained US Citizens refusing to accept their proof of identification.
  • By these means he has violated laws requiring humane treatment of people in the custody of the United States.
  • Imposed a ban on Immigration from Muslim, African and other non-European countries.
  • Sought to revise general immigration law to deny green cards to legitimate applicants.

Cruel Executive Orders

Before Trump was even sworn in, he prepared 3 executive Orders, each of which soon received implementing orders from then Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly. As the people at CMS state:

“President Trump signed three executive orders the week of January 23 which offend the dignity and threaten the rights of immigrants and refugees both in the United States and globally. On January 25 at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Trump signed executive orders on border security and interior enforcement. On January 27, he signed an executive order at the Pentagon on refugees and visa holders from designated nations.” [CMS Org]

Among other things the first executive order:

  • Labeled all persons crossing the border, refugee or otherwise, as security threats.
  • Called for the indefinite detention of all such persons “on suspicion of violating Federal or State law, including Federal immigration law, pending further proceedings regarding those violations;” which in effect meant that everyone crossing the border would be detained indefinitely.
  • Construction of a Border Wall and Additional Border Patrol Personnel
  • Increased Construction of Detention Facilities and Detention of Immigrants
  • Limiting Access to Asylum, which meant pressure on immigrants not to seek asylum.
  • They directed resources to go to hiring additional ICE personnel with reduced standards for the hires.

Specifically section 6: Indefinite Detention for Entry

“Sec. 6. Detention for Illegal Entry. The Secretary shall immediately take all appropriate actions to ensure the detention of aliens apprehended for violations of immigration law pending the outcome of their removal proceedings or their removal from the country to the extent permitted by law. The Secretary shall issue new policy guidance to all Department of Homeland Security personnel regarding the appropriate and consistent use of lawful detention authority under the INA, including the termination of the practice commonly known as “catch and release,” whereby aliens are routinely released in the United States shortly after their apprehension for violations of immigration law.”

What this meant was that all folks detained, whether they were claiming asylum, women, children and families; would now be indefinitely detained. Nevermind that the previous policy had ensured a high compliance rate of people showing up for court and was humane. Cruelty was the point. These executive orders set in motion severe dislocations, misery and a regime that would result in unnecessary deaths and suffering.

A Denial of Asylum and Family Separation

Once Donald Trump unilaterally ended what he called "catch and release" he also began a policy of family separations aimed at Children of migrants who had legally applied for refugee status but were deemed to have broken immigration law by entering the country in an unauthorized manner. The children were in some cases put in cages, were separated from parents and cruelly treated with minimum care and no parental or emotional contact. The Department of Homeland Security made no efforts to preserve information about who parents were and identifying information. The result was a pipeline not only to private prisons, but to private adoption agencies, foster care, and months of cruel privation of children who were not capable of taking care of themselves and yet were isolated.


When Trump began his family separation policies

When ordered by a Judge to be reunited with their parents the Department of Homeland Security, following Donald Trump's executive orders, claimed they had lost the identifications necessary to reunite those children. The reality was they never preserved that information.

A year after the court order to seek to reunite these families, family separation continues and is ongoing.

Despite there being supplies necessary to provide food, water, bathing and basic sanitation, the facilities put people in crowded conditions, longer than regulations allowed, and longer than the facilities could provide for them. The result was children Caged and adults and children in crowded conditions and enduring neglect and abuse.

Lack of Remorse and Violent intent

Donald Trump has shown no remorse for these acts and instead used the crisis he created at the border by separating children and blocking access to asylum remedies, to declare an emergency at the border so that he could start building his wall using funds intended for humane purposes. He is now separating families at the border and concentrating them into concentration camps.

These are a violation of national and international laws and norms. Therefore we assert that Donald J Trump and his principle officers and subordinates in the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and those in Housing and Human Services who aided them are guilty of high crimes, gross and genocidal behavior and have committed abuse of power. We hold Donald J. Trump and his principle officers; in Censure, Contempt of Congress and herein vote this article of Impeachment. We hold that Donald John Trump by causing such harm to the society of the United States is unfit to be President and warrants impeachment, trial, and removal from office. We further censure, rebuke and order the repeal of his cruel policies of family separation and zero tolerance applied to asylum seekers. We hold these behaviors to be a gross abuse of power and illegal. We believe that on this count alone Donald J Trump and his principle officers in the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services should be removed from office.

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