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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whale Song

Whale song

The world remembers,
and it sings it's song,
cries it's cries,
rising and falling; the whale song.
They hear it in space, they hear it in the sea.
Slow down the songs of mice,
and they hear it in the hay.
The whale song, and the chirping of birds,
speaks across universes, and makes a grand chorus.

Only humans are deaf.
They might hear, but they don't listen.
They hunt the whales across the seas.
and poison the birds falling off the trees.
Oh the deafness of this race.
that dreams of crossing outer space.
But if we don't learn to listen soon.
Will silently fall into evolutionary doom.

But the song of a content planet will be restored.
and nature will come back with singing adored.
The angels sing on high.
and as it is in heaven it is on earth.
and when I rest in my dusty home.
my bones turning to ashes,
and my life at an end.
I only hope I hear the whale sound at last.
No longer deaf, but merged with Universe.

Christopher H. Holte

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