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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Trump, Epstein, Pedophiles and RICO

I Expect [Personal] Loyalty

If you haven't read the Mueller Report. Read it here. This is Comic Book format and easy on the eyes:

The kind of loyalty Trump expects, demands and punishes if not given, is personal loyalty. And this is is the behavior of a mob boss. Read the report here:

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ending Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is wrong. This year, SCOTUS, decided to chicken out on dealing with the problem. They acknowledge that Gerrymandering is bad politics, unjust politics and a terrible thing. But they tell society they can't fix it. Justice Kagan wrote a powerful dissent on the subject:

“For the first time ever, this Court refuses to remedy a constitutional violation because it thinks the task beyond judicial capabilities,” [SCOTUS]

If a problem is beyond judicial solution, that indicates bad design.

“And not just any constitutional violation. The partisan gerrymanders in these cases deprived citizens of the most fundamental of their constitutional rights: the rights to participate equally in the political process, to join with others to advance political beliefs, and to choose their political representatives.” [SCOTUS]

Gerrymandering is also corruption.

“These gerrymanders enabled politicians to entrench themselves in office as against voters’ preferences.” [SCOTUS]

Thursday, June 27, 2019

15 years of perversity

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years! 15 years ago I was blogging about Abu Gharaib and Torture. 15 years later and none of the perps, except the useful idiot reservists who were caught on camera, and a Reservist General who had been frozen out of supervision, have been punished. On the contrary, the perps from them are in the Trump admin! Anyway what I was writing then is as true then as now. And the fact that nobody was punished is part of the lead in for why this is an issue now. Indeed the David Cole article I cited then contains a warning for now:

“history suggests that what the government does to foreigners in the name of national security it will ultimately do to citizens as well. The Palmer Raids were directed at foreigners, but their architect, a young Justice Department lawyer named J. Edgar Hoover, was not content to stop there. He devoted his career to seeking out ways to extend those tactics to citizens, and in the McCarthy era, he succeeded. In fact, every significant form of political repression that the government has used against citizens began as an anti-alien measure.” [No More Roundups/WaPo]

In this day of Donald Trump, where we still haven't even rectified the abuses we committed against Muslim immigrants 15 years ago, this is a current issue and real threat to all of us.

Torture I
Torture II
Humility and Pervisity

Good Bye Ray Charles

Written June 11, 2004

Goodbye Ray Charles, I hear your sound,
it is a a sad day, that you re not around.
Your music moved me, your vision spoke to me,
I’ll play your tunes, and sing a prayer for you,
No dirge will it be, though into the night.
I hear your vision, I see your sound,
It will be sad, when you are not around,
But your spirit endures, and may it continue,
rolling down the keyboard, belting out tunes,
for many more years, deathless and bright.
Goodbye Ray Charles, I sing you farewell,
No blind man died, no vision was lost,
I shed no tears, I heard your vision.
You touched the keys to my heart,
I’m privileged to have known you,
Your piano rocking on in the endless night.

Note: I had to add a little


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Impeachment Articles

The Trump administration is accused of many crimes. More importantly, the Trump administration is at war with the very progressive notions of liberal democracy as developed in the 20th century. These need to be set right. The process of impeachment has to be part of this corrective. In a previous post I explained why I believe the House should impeach Trump even if he loses reelection. I believe this is necessary to prevent him using the pardon power to obstruct justice. I believe that the impeachment process can be a prophylactic:

“The purpose of Impeachment hearings is not merely to focus on the lawbreaking of these officials, which is obvious, but to stop them from committing high crimes and misdemeanors or the President from using his Pardon Power to help them get away with it.”
Why the House must invoke its impeachment powers
Why Congress must impeach Trump

For that reason, even if, especially if, Trump loses reelection he should be impeached along with his criminal officers. Along with those impeachments congress should pass a list of censure and sense of congress resolutions to rebuke the dictatorial assertions of the Trump administration. Congress can't pass ex post facto laws or punish people beyond impeachment for offenses. Moreover, if impeachment is to succeed the articles and their counts will have to provide a preponderance of evidence that a crime was committed, even if other offenses were not technically legal when committed. For them Congress needs resolutions and new laws.

List of Complaints to be Articles

  1. Trump Organization Criminal Behavior in using the Corrupt Trump Organization to commit Campaign Violations, using extortion and blackmail to silence critics, and lying to Congress to cover up those violations.
  2. Incapacity/Negligence: He has failed to execute faithfully the laws of the country.
  3. Perfidy: Abused his power in cruel and Genocidal manner.
  4. Fraud: Abused the Trust of his Voters by continual lies and frauds.
  5. Violating Spirit of USC 30121: Solicited illegal contributions of propaganda and interference from foreign nationals and governments alike. Defending and encouraging these purveyors of propaganda and their assaults on our system of elections.
  6. Emoluments: Sought emoluments from Citizens, Foreign persons and Citizens and engaged in policies that reflect those emoluments and not the best interests of the Country.
  7. Corruption: Created a culture of corruption and abuse of power in his administration.
  8. Obstructing of Justice detailed in the Mueller Report
  9. Continual Obstruction of Justice via stonewalling and misuse of Executive Privilege

Setting Right What is Wrong

The courts are for crimes that can be proven in a court. Elections are for determining which way the country is going. However, it is the job of the legislature to set policy, legislate law and oversee policy. The executive has the job of carrying out policy, not setting it without input from the legislature. The Judiciary has the job of affirming or condemning notions that violate the letter and spirit of our national charter. The Legislature has the power of legislation to set such policy and limit the executive, define the law, as well of impeachment to remove executive officers who abuse their power.

Rebuking Tyranny

Trump, with his "unitary state" notions, pursuit of impunity and willful disregard of the letter and spirit of the constitution is abusing his power and seeking to use it for personal gain. Trump has misused his powers for personal gain, often in a manner that violates the spirit of the constitution and that had been previously enforced by norms and expectations, rather than code. Using power for Personal Gain is Tyranny, and has been since the dawn of time. John Locke stated this in his twin treatises on Government.

“cleansing...and restoring integrity”

Impeachment articles should be about more than simply punishing transgressions. It should also contain legislation that will clarify the constitution, define basic principles and rights, set right faulty claims that lead to, or enable, tyranny and injustice, and set right the comity and good government of the country. It is not enough to remove miscreants from office if the rules and principles they are violating are not reestablished and clarified. The constitution spells forth that impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” things like gross violations of the public trust, dereliction of duty, abuse of power and attempts to take onto the executive judicial and legislative powers. In a sense impeachment is necessitated when someone is violating rules and norms. If those rules and norms were properly codified the courts would be able to rectify the situation. thus when Lindsey Graham said in 1999:

“You don't even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic,... Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office”Cleanse Comments

Therefore the necessity for impeachment, sometimes means that Congress has been neglecting its article one powers, delegating too many of them to the executive, or failing to produce the necessary structures to enforce them.

The Product of Impeachment should be Reforms

Thus the product of an impeachment inquiry should not be merely impeachment articles but resolutions affirming, defining and clarifying the clear principles of government that were being corrupted when the Officer transgressed. Impeachment articles should contain clear statements of basic principle, illuminating the Constitution, both for what the Executive and the Legislature should do. Impeachment should affirm the clear purposes of the constitution abjure, renounce, condemn and repeal powers and behaviors that were delegated to the Executive for a limited purpose and are now being abused, or that we feel were usurped by the executive and are being used tyrannically. These votes are not only to impeach a bad president but to restate the principles upon which our country was founded.

Purpose of this Post

I like to use my blog as a place to put ideas I'd like input on or that I'm studying and working out myself. So I've created this post, as a draft that I can come back to and update. I can't seem to keep up with all the counts that ought to be impeachment articles, so I'm publishing it even though it is a draft and everything past the "More" input is a work in progress. I started this post last year and it's been draft too long. It remains draft. It's a mock up of the articles I feel we should be impeaching Trump on. I will updated it further.

Help me finish this. Then help me get Congress to vote on something similar.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Worst US-AGs

Worst Attorney Generals

We've had a lot of bad attorney Generals. From the very beginning of the Country there have been rotten eggs in the white-house. Not usually the President himself but none of our Presidents have been saints and some of them were real sinners.

  1. John Mitchell
  2. Barr
  3. Edwin Meese
  4. Gonzales
  5. Taney
  6. Alexander Mitchell Palmer
  7. Harry M. Daugherty
  8. McReynolds
  9. The Hapless and the good ones:
  10. Kleindienst

I created this post a while ago and it's been draft too long. So I'm putting this out. It is still in draft form and I may add and remove names, and definitely will add references and pictures.