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Friday, October 19, 2018

Falangist Fascism and Terror versus Federico Garcia Lorca

I started reading a biography of Federico Garcia Lorca as a diversion from what is going on with Trump and his Trumpers. With Horror I soon realized that what was going on in Spain was so similar to the present that reading that book was no longer a pleasure but something I had to dive into. The reason? The Right Wing in the United States is looking more and more like the 1930s Falange down to the details. The result was that I had to study the Falange down to its details, before I could digest what happened to Garcia Lorca. They murdered him. For more on this:

Garcia Lorca
The Life of Garcia Lorca
Garcia Lorca and Charlie Chaplin
The Death of Garcia Lorca

Falange Fascism

Falange was fascism in a pure form. In the end, whether it is falangism and its offshoots, Nazism, Stalinism, Pol Potism, Maoism, or whatever, these ideologies are authoritarian, kleptocratic, kakacratic and violent. They were and are driven by a cruel mood of the citizenry and their leadership and a viciousness that is not even masked by the pretend glories and righteousness of the totalitarian movements that conduct the viciousness. The Falange went to war with liberals, progressives and people of good will in Spain. They went to war with principles of ecumenicism, equality, liberty, fraternity, good will, multiculturalism. They saw different dialects as an enemy of the State. They saw religious liberty as heresy. And they saw human freedom as perversity. Ironically that dogmatic authoritarianism led the Fascists to go on a vicious and blood thirsty rampage.

People of fundamental good will, like Federico Garcia Lorca, never had a chance of surviving the raw power of such hate. Even so killing Lorca made him a hero and a martyr to a cause and his name still stands for something opposite of the fascism of the Falangists and of Franco. Franco is now a name remembered by most people with Shame. Lorca is now celebrated by much of the Spanish Speaking World. He is still a difficult subject for people with rigid beliefs. He was to the left, and gay. For more:

This continues: The Life of Garcia Lorca and Fascist Spain

Celebrating a Life

What Is Falangism?

The Word Falange comes from the Spanish for "Phalanx". Similar fascist movements in other countries have a similar meaning. I have a series of posts on Falangism:

These start with:
Parallels between Falangists and the American Right Wing
This post flows from the introduction in the post: The 26 Point Plank of the Falangist Party
Then I break down the subject into a number of posts:
  1. Right Wing Imperialism, & Myth Making
  2. Right Wing Explicit Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism
  3. Right Wing National Syndicalism and Corporatism
  4. Right Wing Land Reform and Privatization
  5. Right Wing Chauvinism and Indoctrination
  6. Right Wing Violent Revolution And Dictatorship
  7. Parallels between Falange fascists and US Fascists on Abortion
Falangism and Fascism:
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I was going to update this later within the post. But I found myself exploring a maze of related subjects and things happening in the United States kept taking me down new rabbit holes. So I've got a number of separate and related posts now, instead.

Privateering, smuggling & Piracy


Using original meanings the enemy of democracy (rule by the people) would be monarchy (rule by one), oligarchy (rule by the few) and all the forms it presents as. However, the enemy of genuine freedom, where all can enjoy the bounties of nature, which would be "common" - "wealth" is slavery in all its forth, which is tyranny, (defined by John Locke as power exercised for Private, separate advantage. And the ultimate tyranny is the conversion of what should be a common-wealth into private property, or private rule.

For more on what Privateering is:
Elements of Privateering
Privatization historically is a tool of Privateering
An Ideology of Piratical Banking

Freedom versus Free booting

Thus the enemy of liberty is in fact privateering because privateering is the conversion of what should be ruled for the common good into private property ruled for the advantage of the few. Privateers were pirates, who, operating under a Letter of Marquee, were authorized to engage in private warfare on behalf of the State. Generalizing that meaning, privateers are those who engage in commerce, warfare, theft, espionage or any other action, under the protection of Government. Privateers are private government. That privateers originally were also pirates, often from the point of view of other countries who had issued no such letters, just illustrates the barbarity of the practice. Privateering is as old as piracy. Vikings were only pirates to the people of the lands they predated.

The Rough Democracy of Pirates Versus the Tyranny of Privateers -- Tom Paine

Even classical pirates, lived lives, internally that were governed by democratic rules. When Thom Paine served as a privateer:

“At sixteen, in 1753, he brought it off. He shipped out on a privateer — a private warship authorized by the English government to attack and loot commercial vessels sailing under the flag of any nation with whom England was legally at war.”

He tells of that experience that he experienced good captains and bad captains. The Good captains treated the crew with respect. The bad captains whipped and beat their crew and looked down on them as little more than vermin. The British Royal Navy whipped and beat sailors. Pirates and the better Privateers, motivated them.

A Privateering Tradition As the Foundation of the West

The tradition of both the United States and the British (including Scotland and all of Ireland) is founded on privateering. The major Sea Captain Families even called themselves "Sea Dogs" and they'd later branch out into other businesses. But most of their businesses were or derived from Privateering. Thus Privateering involves the Following Activities, when either barely legal or they don't get caught:

  • Privateering: Piracy as legalized theft of enemy ships and cargo.
  • Smuggling: Piracy as semi-legal smuggling, trafficking, which also included the slave trade and enslaving captured persons.
  • Filibustering: Piracy as waging war, "marines style", on people on land, sometimes as mercenaries. This was termed filibustering
  • Chartered Privateers: Privateering on large scale via privately or publicly chartered companies such as the East India Company, corporatism
  • Colonialism as Privateering: Privateering extended into the form of creating colonies, enslaving locals, importing slaves, exploiting slaves, exploring, exploiting and extracting loot from the land so colonized.
  • Land Pirates, Grifters, Swindlers, Bankers and Monopolists
  • Financial Capitalism as Laundering ill gotten goods. Most money is either some kind of private debt, or in emergencies it might be recycled loot. It always comes from labor in some way. Financial Capitalism arrogates wealth and uses some of it to generate more wealth. Actual capitalism mixes labor with wealth and winds up a public good even when not intended to be.

European Thievery and Frederick Douglas

Thus Privateering is at the root of the modern world, European Adventurism, and European Thievery. Often it was excused as "saving" benighted souls. But more often the souls that were reduced to abject subjection were originally noble souls reduced by the forces of kleptocracy and kakacracy. From the Point of View of European ship captains and many of their crew, taking slaves on the "Guinea coast" of Africa was simply yet another way to make a living. But from the point of view of their victims, such as Frederick Douglas describes in a famous quote:

“The more I read, the more I was led to abhor and detest my enslavers. I could regard them in no other light than a band of successful robbers, who had left their homes, and gone to Africa, and stolen us from our homes, and in a strange land reduced us to slavery” -Douglass, p84

An Ideology of Piracy

Privateering has even become an ideology. Modern Pirates don't have peg legs or carry a saber. They wear suits and carry brief cases. They seek to privatize, "enclose the commons;" take what had been an institution, property or service that is intended for the public good, and turn it to private control. This is not "free-market economics" it is free booting economics. The ideology of piracy is expressed by people like Donald Trump who say we did wrong by not seizing Iraqi Oil fields when we invaded Iraq. That is what pirates do.

I've written about this before so I may come back to this post and put in references. I just wanted to make it plain (and relatively succinct) what I'm talking about when I talk about privateering.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Tyranny by Definition versus Democracy

Voting is our best weapon. The Greeks didn't trust voting. They used a jury system type government to run judiciary, executive and legislative. They picked citizens by lottery for for offices from those qualified to hold those offices. Voting was used for cleanup operations like ostracizing bad politicians. Nevertheless voting is a means the Romans used for selecting and regulating officers. In a local democracy voting is useful, but it is the participation of citizens that makes the place democratic. Voting is a tool of representative government. In truth   It is not our only weapon. Truth is a weapon. Right is a weapon. Reason is a weapon. Our enemies are tyranny, lies & cruelty, and non-participation. Tyranny by definition is as John Locke described it:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Right Wing Violent Revolution and Dictatorship

Revolutionary Violence

The Falange Party Sought Violent National Revolution

“The Falange Espanola Tradicionalista y de las JONS shall engage in “direct, bold and combative” revolution.”

The Falange like other fascist groups had in common the attachment to violence both as a tool for seeking and maintaining power; and a tool for indoctrination and propaganda. The Word "Falange comes from the Greek Military formation known as the Phalanx. The Falange like the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany, saw themselves as a spearhead for revolution. Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera and Franco, both saw violent revolution as a solution to the problem of “Republicanism” and “Permissivism.”

This is part of a series:
Parallels between Falangists and US Fascists

Monday, October 1, 2018

Parallels between Falange Fascists and US Fascists -- Abortion

Someone on Twitter was comparing the Europeans and the USA on abortion. He claimed:

“why is there such a national obsession with abortion?”

Well it is not entirely true that this is only an issue in the United States

This is part of a series:
Parallels between Falangists and US Fascists