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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More evidence of US - And Vatican! - involvement in Dirty Wars

A New article in Counterpunchdetails the involvement f the USA and Vatican in the dirty wars of the 1970s and that the underlying policy is still dynamic, specifically in Brazil, but also throughout the USA. The article details efforts to fight Liberation Theology, persons who were “SYMPATHETIC BUT NOT WEDDED TO LIBERATION THEOLOGY," "linked with Liberation Theology," and which in practice meant anyone who was even remotely associated with persons involved in liberation theology, including a good percentage of Jews in those countries, liberals, and folks who took Pope John's Vatican II seriously. Ultimately a hit list including half the Catholics in the Americas and most of the Jews, as born out by the terror of the dirty wars that tried to implement those policies, in Argentina between 1978 and 1984 and longer in other countries. The article also demonstrates that, while they no longer kidnap, disappear, torture, murder, and then hide the bodies, there is still an active campaign against "liberation theology" which apparently involves the Catholic Church's effort to role back Vatican II using the radicals of "Liberation Theology" -- which was radical, as an excuse.

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