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Saturday, May 25, 2013

FEMA, FEMA Camps and Volunteerism

I finally saw my Cousin. It had been a long time. All three of us, he his husband and myself, have gone grey. And I apologize to say it was long overdue. I'd tried to visit them with my wife a few times, but she was incredibly allergic to animals so we didn't make it for most of the time she was alive. That was a long time and I'm deeply sorry, because while it only seemed a day once I got there, my aunt was in the hospital with a stroke and is now 80 years old. I remember when she was young. I guess I'm getting old too.

Anyway he works for FEMA. Turns out, he's not full time with them. He's a volunteer. He works when they need him, not when he feels like or 40 hours a week. FEMA has reservists like the National Guard, and he's such a person. He's busy a lot. He does good things. I suspect he's in Oklahoma again right now.

After talking to him I realized that the vicious propaganda against FEMA is meant to divide people. It's like the attacks on everything else that works in the USA, vicious attacks meant to prevent people from appreciating them. In our country we always took off our shirts and helped each other. This was often more valuable than money. We have volunteer Fire Departments, the National Guard, and FEMA, and we should have more of this, not less. So the talk of FEMA building "FEMA Camps" is agitprop meant to undermine and defame the agency and prevent people from connecting with our "militia" and volunteering by defaming one of the primary agencies involved in this.

I have more to say on this topic, but I wanted to get this part off my chest first. Man I love my cousin and my Aunt. And I admire them, and all the people in my family who give so much to this country without expecting (and usually without getting) much in return.

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