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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Misha Sees the Rabbit

Misha Sees the Rabbit

Misha sees the rabbit, and she bends down so low,
and pulls the leash so hard, I know, she really wants to go.
We've been through this before, I'm trying to teach her right.
We walk up to the rabbit, who is looking me in the eye,
and I swear that rabbit is laughing and saying mentally:
"Why don't you just give it a try."

And Misha she is real quiet, tense, intent on the Rabbit.
But she doesn't seem to get the message, that the rabbit is looking at her.
I bring her up about ten feet away, and then she jumps and runs,
I try to stop her and my leash breaks away from its bonds on her collar.
Three hundred feet around bushes, and bounding down the hollow,
into a thicket, and out the other side,
around a building, and completely out of sight.
All in a couple of seconds, and I shout out loud;
"Misha! Come back here." 
She ignores my call.

I finally catch up to her, panting and stuck,
The leash wrapped firmly around a tree trunk.
The Rabbit I can see in a thicket nearby,
Is looking at me, and laughing real hard.

Oh "Waskally Rabbit" I say as I laugh,
And Misha, bless her heart is already hunting a squirrel.

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