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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reviewing "Five Myths about The Ukrainian Crisis by Aaron David Miller

For some reason whenever I see the words "Five Myths" I'm about 50/50 confident that the article will offer it's own myths in contrast to the claims the author deems myths. Aaron David Miller, writing for CNN writes such a piece today. You can read it here:

And these are my comments:

This one is mostly on target but still misleading.

  1. Yes we aren't back in the cold war. We are now in an even more dangerous world where transnational oligarchs play stupid games reminiscent of the "Great Game" that Europeans played prior to WWI.
  2. Putin isn't Hitler, but he's using some of the same tricks Hitler used in his Anschluss. And it looks like he's about to carve out Russian Speaking parts of Ukraine to restore to "Mother" Russia -- like it or not.
  3. No it's not all Obama's fault, but Obama could use more support from the reds shooting at his back. Those fools forget that Bush did nothing when the Russians did same thing to Georgia. And he also forgets that using military force on a Nuclear power is incredibly stupid.
  4. He's also right that bombing Syria would have done nothing to help Ukraine. Indeed Bombing Syria would probably have created such a mess the pontificators would be wanting to impeach Obama for listening to them.
  5. Ukraine will have a Hollywood ending. Either Putin will snatch Crimea and the Ukrainians will learn to live without, or he'll say "it was all just me protecting Russian Speaking Ukrainians from blood thirsty Ukrainian ultra-nationalists" and withdraw. Either way will make for a great Hollywood movie. More film noir than a cowboy movie, but Hollywood does that too.

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