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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump's Infrastructure plan is Dreck

Giving Sovereignty over the Economy to Pirates

When Hillary talked about balancing the budget without adding to the national debt, I wanted to cheer, and about investing in infrastructure. wanted to cheer largely and disagree in part. But when Trump talks about infrastructure investment I want to jeer his privateering plans. She and her advisors are still under the sway of certain myths about money and economy that are deeply entrenched in American Academia, Business & Finance. But, thanks to the influence of the Post Keynesians, less so than before. Her plans were reasons for guarded optimism. His are pure Dreck

Trump's Plan is a Scam

It will:

  1. Will enrich the already wealthy
  2. Loot the Treasury immediately through bonds &
  3. Loot the treasury long term by transferring ownership to private persons
  4. Be funded by Tax cuts, tax breaks and tolls/rents

Trump's Plan = Pirate Loot

But thanks to Donald Trump's victory, I have to talk first about what not to do versus what he's proposing to do. I can only jeer his plans. His plans are a give-away to the ultra rich, not only of public treasury to fix infrastructure but of the actual infrastructure and future revenues from it. The issue here is that, like all cons, the USA would be trading short term gain for long term penury for 99% of us. Trumps plans serve the pirates of the country, not the rest of us.

His plans are laid out in his Contract on America:

American Energy and Infrastructure Act

"Leverages public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion"

New Republic Article:
Paul Krugman:"Why Trump's Infrastructure Plan is a Scam

I'll be writing on the compare and contrast in another post. Right now I need some mylanta.

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