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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Like an Aging Wine

My Dad was like an aging wine
Doing the right thing all of the time
I hear about corruption
I hear about evil
But when I think of my father
I think only virtue
My father was like an aging wine
Getting better and wiser all of the time
I hear about evil
I hear about injustice
I hear about crime
But my Dad was a hero
All of the time

His business was facts
Engineering real virtue
He left the world better
For all that he did
No games, nothing underhanded
What you saw is what you got.
No better man, no finer man
Could ever anyone find
He grew wiser.
He grew stronger
Like a fine aging wine
Never a complaint
Never a whine
He sailed the seas of life
Steady in calm, or stormy winds.
In this universe he was the best
I suppose the ineffable one took a sip
He woke up quietly this morning
Not to disturb Mom
He made his hot chocolate
And set it by his chair.
But before he could drink it
The ineffable one took him.
My father was like a fine wine
Aging sweeter all the time.
When the ineffable one saw it was his time.
The Creator of Space and Time, took a sip.
Christopher H. Holte, March 4, 2017

My Mom and Dad:

Sally Anne Holte, Hartley Olivar Holte

Sign his Obituary:

Text From his Obituary:

Hartley O. Holte of Leesburg, Florida died on March 4, 2017 at home in Leesburg, Florida. He was the son of Hartley M. and Mabel K. Holte (nee LaDoucre) of Minnesota and Iowa.

"Mr. Holte was born in Iowa City, Iowa in1933. He attended elementary schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and graduated from high school in Seattle, WA., where he was on the Honor Roll, was an undefeated member of his city championship tennis team, and played cello in the orchestra. He entered the Naval Academy with the class of 1955 under a Congressional appointment and played both plebe and varsity tennis. He married the former Sally Ann Carpenter on graduation day, June 3rd. He spent 7 years on active duty as a line officer, including 5 years’ sea duty out of Long Beach, CA in Mansfield (DD728) and Navasota (AO106) with final assignments in both ships as Operations Officer. Pacific operations included the atomic test series at Eniwetok/ Bikini, and the Chinese conflict at Quemoy and Matsu Is. Following 2 years as a Technical Liaison Officer with the Defense Atomic Support Agency in Albuquerque, NM, he resigned his commission and worked for 5 years at Westinghouse on Air Force Dew Line Radar Systems and Navy undersea vehicle and weapons systems R&D. He completed a Master’s Degree program in Management at George Washington U. in 1967 and began a 24 year career with Vitro Corp.. Assignments included; Polaris program, Mallard Army Tactical Communications, USEPA, DOE’s National Solar Data System, and Program Management at field offices in Dahlgren, VA and Crane, IN."

"Following his first retirement, he became a volunteer and consultant in environmental sciences at state and local levels in Indiana, for which he was presented the Governor’s Award for individual achievement. Throughout his life, he was an active coach and player in tennis, basketball, softball, and golf. He was active in local politics, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Red Cross, Civic Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and Navy League. He was a life member of the USNA Alumni Assc., the Navy League, and the Naval Institute. He was an avid stamp collector, amateur guitarist, served as a part time writer for a local IN newspaper, and, with his wife, provided interim foster care home services, for which they were honored by the Maryland State Legislature. He had been active with his USNA Class of 1955 as class secretary and as editor of his class “50 Years Later” History book."

"He leaves behind his wife of 60 years, Sally daughters, Katherine Ann Spitznogle of Davis, West Virginia, Susan Marie Holte of Stafford, Virginia, sons, Christopher Hartley Holte of Brunswick, Maryland, Carl Truman Holte (USNA 1985) of Sprague, Connecticut, 10 grandchildren, four great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren and their families. He was predeceased by his beloved son Andrew Edward Holte of Bloomington, Indiana."

"Hartley will be forever remembered for his offbeat sense of "Holte" humor and his gentle soul. His life's achievements are vast and could take up a book, but in his words; his greatest achievement was his children. Inurnment at the USNA Columbarium will be held at a later date."

Arrangements entrusted to Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Leesburg, FL

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