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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Putin's World; poison, psyops and controlled opposition

Psy-Ops, poison, calculated controlled opposition. What do you do when the Reds control both the Left and the Right? Worse what do you do when it turns out that gangs of oligarchs are trying to pit you against one another?

Welcome to Putin's world! Where governments start acting like Mafia, or Renaissance Borgia Rulers. What is nice to know is that they are just mafia, doing business and using politics and crimes to hide their pettiness & greed.

Trump and Putin Go Back years

In the book 1984, the plot revolves around the controlled opposition that helps the authorities catch the two main heroes of the tale. The books leaves it unclear whether the hero of the opposition is even a real person, and not someone created by the authorities to help them give people an outlet for rebelliousness and themselves the power to arrest them. Some folks stay out of politics because they are cynical. Others because they are afraid. If you think that the opposition to a person or set of oligarchs is as corrupt as the oligarchs, then it is hard to be motivated to fight back against them. And of course if the rebellion is illegal, that first attracts the rebellious, but then gives authorities a tool to punish them once they are tired of using them.

Preserving Records

Relations between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and his circle of favored Oligarchs (if they lose favor they get jailed or die), go back to the 80s also. Trump was still corrupt "little brother" in 1984. A two bit operator famous for his outrageous comments. But he was carefully groomed by the mob and Russians for higher office. A number of journalists & bloggers have been assembling the information. I find it depressing so rather than rehash. I'm providing links I can refer to later. I'd do less, but information has a habit of vanishing on the Internet. So I have to preserve records or later someone will say they never existed. I've run into that before.

US Journalists:
British Journalists

Julian Borger of the Guardian ( has been reporting on the investigation into Trump's illegal activities. The one where he was wiretapped.

Dworkin has summarized the "dossier" at his Google Docs site:
Louise Mensch has also reported on the Russian Connection:
How do you say Bribe in Russian? []

Because much of this reporting is being done abroad, it is relatively safe from the reach of fascists working for Donald Trump, at least for the moment.

I'm saving this information. I plan on putting it on a thumb drive and maybe burying it in case things get worse.


This blogger, Bob Rogers, has summarized the timeline, nicely, here:
There is a nice photo of Reagan with "Russian Tourists", who were actually KGB agents, asking "pointed Questions", in 1988. One of those Tourists was Vladimir Putin according to the blog. He certainly looks like him. The one with the camera:

Early Warnings date to Ivana Divorce

The Sutori article summarizes things I've discovered from other sources. It recounts the 1990 Vanity Fair article, nicely, with its interview of Trump boasting about having copies of Mein Kampf, Hitler's Collected Speeches (in translation), and making comments openly admiring Hitler's methods:

“Donald is a believer in the big-lie theory,” his lawyer had told me. “If you say something again and again, people will believe you.”

Trump made those comments about also having Hitler's Speeches after Ivana claimed that Trump had that book by his bedside. That quote is all over the internet thanks to the 1990 Vanity Fair Article. No wonder he hates that rag. Pretty obvious Trump practices it too.

GQ Article

GQ has a nice article on the so-called Dossier: "What Else Does the Donald Trump–Russia Dossier Tell Us?" by Ben Roazen Roazen summarizes the Christopher Steele dossier nicely:

"beyond the juicy bits there were also stories of backroom meetings between powerful figures in Russian politics and business"

...and Donald Trump and his Surrogates. And that indeed that the dossier "has since been confirmed by intelligence officials and reported by The New York Times." "U.S. investigators have since corroborated certain details" as CNN reports,

“some of the conversations described in the dossier took place between the same individuals on the same days and from the same locations as detailed in the dossier."

The GQ article talks about the Rosneft deal. Essentially the Putin Administration offered the Trump Campaign a bribe through Carter Page:

"a 19 percent stake in Rosneft, on the condition that Trump lift the aforementioned U.S. sanctions on Russia upon his taking office."

In any other political season this would be enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation. But of course Trump is announcing he never heard of the guy. Carter Page is now admitting he did have those meetings described, with Sergey Kislyak:

PBS Report: "In a reversal, former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page now says he did have contact with Russia" by Joshua Barajas

He compares the kind of scandal we are facing to:

"matryoshka dolls.... Nesting dolls are the perfect knickknack: a series of shrinking hollow figures painted and veneered to resemble celebrities, sports teams, political cabinets."

Oligarchs, in Russia use shell companies to hide their corrupt activities. And apparently Trump and Putin's ties can be compared to such shell/dolls.

I have a lot more to write. But this is all I can handle at the moment. I'm publishing this post as a draft. Normally I'd wait til it is nice and polished up. But it's too big and important a subject to wait til it's finished looking. Watch this space.

Murder Incorporated

When Putin came to power he posed as a reformer. Any Oligarchs who might threaten him were arrested and tried on Trumped up charges, or arrested for crimes that they otherwise might have gotten away with. Since many of the new Oligarchs had gotten to power by privateering pirate methods, it wasn't hard for Putin to come across as a reporter. But he had a disturbing tendency of ruthlessly attacking enemies and anyone who stood in his way. But those oligarchs and cronies who backed Putin became even wealthier and more powerful. Putin was a typical Sociopathic Social Dominator, but a very ruthless and intelligent one. He amassed an incredible amount of power while suppressing the press, killing enemies and restarting efforts to dominate countries formerly in the Soviet Union. The Dossier names some names, but it also lists a series of numbered annonymous "sources"

More recently, a disturbing number of Russians associated with his latest assault (on the USA) have started dying:

  1. Andrei Karlov, supposedly by an Assassin
  2. Petr Polshikov, murdered
  3. Oleg Erovinkin, accused of helping dossier
  4. Sergei Krivov,
  5. Andrei Malanin,
  6. Alexander Kadakin
  7. Vitaly Churkin

Still Alive

If I were Sergey Kislyak, Dmitry Peskov or Sergei Ivanov, I'd make sure my insurance and my bodyguards were paid up. Medvedev was the former PM and is mentioned in the Dossier, but probably already has body guards. No wonder Christopher Steele was in hiding!

People could say it can't happen here. But Megyn Kelly, apparently, hints that someone poisoned her before she moderated the Trump/Hillary debate. He's made comments about killing opponents and he's demonstrated a propensity for retaliation. He admires Putin. Will he imitate him? Will he manage to corrupt our Intelligence and police enough to make them like the FSB/KGB? Can we stop him in time? Peskov is still around:


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