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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Search For Justice -- Susan Matzkin

A Life in Search of Justice

Susan Matzkin

My friend Raquel Partnoy announced the death of the activist Susan Matzkin today. I noticed there wasn't much out there in English on her. So I realized I needed to pass this information along. Raquel's announcement, in my poor translation goes:

"With deep regret we hear the sad news that Susan Matzkin has passed away. She was a tireless worker for human rights in lawsuits against those guilty of crimes against humanity and in the struggle for justice in the murder of her Sister Raquel Matzkin Zulma and companions during the military dictatorship. Her example of human dignity will always be remembered and will help to continue fighting for Truth and Memory." []


Her sister, Raquel Matzkin Zulma, was one of many young people killed by the Argentine Fascists during what amounted to a holocaust for educated Jews, progressive and radical Argentines, in what is euphemistically called "el processo" or "the dirty war" in Argentina. She dedicated her life to bringing to justice the people who committed those crimes against her own people. Roberto Baschetti has a brief bio of her sister:

Raquel Matzkin Zulma
Murdered 10/5/1976
"Matzkin, Zulma Raquel.
Born June 9, 1952 in Francisco Madero, Buenos Aires. She studied economics at the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS). Militant Peronist University Youth (JUP), abducted on 18 July 1976 and taken to the concentration camp "school" of Bahia Blanca. She was murdered in a faked encounter with three others, actually by the repressive forces in that city, the 10/05/76."

If we keep listening to Faux news, Right Wing Radio, and folks like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, this sort of thing could happen here. Althoug with police extrajudicial murders and "accidental poisonings" like happened in Flint. I would suggest it's already happening here for some people.

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