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Friday, May 27, 2016

A little smoke

Nothing like oil sands on fire to create a haze.
Might induce a bit of daze.
For the high and Mighty it might create a craze.
To wear masks or visit far away.
What a trifecta!
Oil and Grass and radiation.
What a wonderful way
to spread the misery across the nations.
Brittle bones or bad loans
different kinds of disaster
But for the stars above
they just float like the long ago Asters.
Thyroid nodules, radiation sickness.
Just a flu, pay it no mind!
Just a cost of doing business
Secret stuff really,
beyond my pay grade.
If we blow up the world,
well our bosses know what they are doing.
They wouldn't put us at harm,
would they?
I keep the secrets I was told to keep.
I'll carry them to my grave.
Some of them I don't even know I'm keeping
are hidden in my bones.

Christopher H. Holte

Inspired by this news article about the Fort Murray Fires, and my knowledge of what is stored at the Fort Murray hazardous (nuclear) waste sites:

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