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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kompromat Penetration and Treason


Frequently, individuals on a treasonous path do not even realize they're on that path until it gets to be too late

Retired CIA Director John Brennan

Suborning our People

In my last post on the subject,

Kompromat, Hybrid Warfare & Active Measures []

I talked about how people were seeking to subvert our system. This is true even if the Russians weren't involved, because our oligarchs, privateers and so-called conservatives want to dismantle, or privatize, services provided by the Federal Government. To us what the GOP is doing is treason, even if it doesn't meet the legal constitutional test. However, the GOP are so ruthless in their pursuit that made them vulnerable to being suborned.

Yesterday John Brennan testified that:

"It became clear ... last Summer ... that Russia was engaging in aggressive and wide ranging efforts to interfere in one of the key pillars of our democracy" (our election) [CSPAN]

He could not name names or confirm/deny allegations because the details were classified. But he described the "active measures" That Russia was engaged in. He also noted that they continued these activities despite "strong protests and explicit warning that they not do so." He also shared that information with the Intelligence Committee members of Congress, about what was going on. he also was worried about:



He was worried:

"because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals,...."

Brennan knew it would be trivial to do so, because....

"Frequently, individuals on a treasonous path do not even realize they're on that path until it gets to be too late."

The folks cultivated by Active Measures Agents might not even realize they are committing treason as they become convinced that the agents are their true friends. And that the people warning them about them are the enemies. Indeed, Brennan expressed the belief that the recent intelligence sharing on ISIL was them exploiting such a Kompromat relationship. The Russians are

"trying to exploit what's going on now in Washington to their benefit and our detriment." [CSPAN]

I talked about this in my last blog, [Kompromat] but to continue the subject. Spies use a number of techniques to recruit people. Worse, when a country has flaws, activists and critics are targets due to a sense of being "fellow travellors", Hence we have people like Snowden, or "ideological spies. Yesterday Malcolm Nance summarized the vulnerabilities on the Randi Rhodes Show:

The Intelligence game is Cat and Mouse, with vulnerable people being the:

Or alternatively Reciprocation, Authority, Scarcity, Commitment and Consistency, Liking, and Social Proof. RASCLS (Raskles)

Whether Trump is a Stupid Duped Kompromat or a man convinced he's the mastermind of some kind of KAOS or SPECTRE organization, is immaterial. We likely have an executive that is engaged in Active Treason. I have a lot more to say. But that is enough for one post.

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