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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Grifters Oligarchs and Pirates

Our problem is the Grifters Oligarchs and Pirates, the GOP.

We can overcome our country's problems, once we understand what they are. Our problem is not the Republican Party. It is fascism. It's not only fascism it is the predatory attitude of some of our wannabe oligarchs. It is not only this predatory attitude of predatory Oligarchs, but the frauds and dishonesty with which they attack their goals.

Anti-Trust to stop Monopoly & Oligarchy

We can't merely execute grifters and pirates or depose individual oligarchs. We must stop oligarchy by laws that prevent monopoly and concentrated power & ownership. We must setup legal systems with the power to apply the law equally to white collar criminals as to blue collar or no collar ones. We must stop the notion that somehow privatizing services that are a "proper social function" and turning those goods over to monied men (pirates) will magically result in improved service.

Stopping Grifting with True principles of Good Government

When a Good is a proper social function: Health Care, Communications, Transport, Energy, it must be regulated to operate for the whole people concerned. Which doesn't mean either a government hierarchical monopoly or a oligarchic (or worse, royalist) one. It means setting up a system that is run under Federal, Republican and Common-wealth principles. That means tried and true:

  • Rule of Law
  • Subsidiarity in Rule of specific goods
  • True Representation and Common Oversight of General Government
  • Citizen Oversight
  • Vetting and Accounting for ALL Officers
  • Strict punishment for privateering: Rent Seeking, conversion, privatized government and tyrannical government.
  • Due Process in All judicial and arbitration proceedings
  • Taxation that falls on excessive unearned incomes from privilege and inheritance.
  • Taxation that encourages labor and productive activity and investment
  • Local Government as a Right and Integrated with all higher levels

Stopping Piracy

Currently a pirate is an illegal thief and most of our high level pirates are "privateers" -- operating under flags of abusive contracts, usurped properties, loans with Other People's money (or printed/accounting money) or other kinds of barely legal smugglers, thieves, filibusterers and folks waging private warfare legalized by corrupt legislators. We need to fight this sort of corruption, by first recognizing it for what it is. Our Common Properties are a common trust, not to be given away to grifters who are connected, have status/power and money. When we give away a rent producing resources it is gone for the duration. History shows that privateering with transport, Education, Healthcare or communications and energy leads to the raping & degradation of resources and poisoning of folks down wind or down stream. Modern pirates don't wear peg legs and eye patches. They wear power suits and Sun Glasses and carry portfolios. Modern pirates use graft to get what they want and then drift to a new target. Hence the Term Grifters.

Some of these principles, if understood, would appeal to conservatives as well as "liberals/progressives." Others involve fighting the selfish, predatory and dishonest. Maybe if we succeed the GOP will go back to being the Grand Old Party. But right now it is a party of Grifters Oligarchs and Privateers, and our system makes us all in danger of being hung as pirates.

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