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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Controlled Opposition and Active Measures

Are We experiencing Controlled Opposition?

Say it Ain't So Louise!

I had blocked Louise Mensch on Twitter a while ago. I don't recall why. But I started seeing posts from her after the election talking about The investigation into Trump. She assembled a crew around her of people retweeting her, so I unblocked her. She was very encouraging. I was falling in love with the young lady. She's the second daughter I never had! I thought.


Then I started seeing her posting some things that seemed somewhat off. A comment about a source being at the Supreme Court. Attacks on other posters as "desa", "deza", I can't remember. And other folks were criticizing her as unreliable. I didn't want to get involved so I tried to defend her as maybe relying on sources that were imperfect. But then I saw a reference to her from Joy Reid, who I really adore, (another long lost daughter), and it seemed strange. I knew she was a conservative, a Tory, but I thought this was strange. I sent a tweet asking her about it.

She blocked me for asking her about that history. That was strange. But it got stranger.

Milo Yiannopoulos!

Now I'm finding out that, supposedly, Milo Yiannopoulos, who is no more trustworthy than any of the other Trumpian Active Measures Crowd, all of whom seem to be friends with each other. Cernovich, Milo, Posobiec; they all seem to be friends and party together. So, I don't know if they work for Russia or not. I don't know if she's seriously trying to support resistance to Trump or not. I don't know if she's trying to setup a controlled opposition effort or not. But Milo says she did.

She has bashed a whole slew of folks I supported long before I heard of her. So I suspect that Milo might be telling truth this time. He seems to think it is funny. But that is how controlled opposition works. She seems to be doing her job. Some of what she writes is probably true.

Milo got himself in trouble on Twitter for sending his followers after other people. Louise Mensch seems to be following the same pattern on the right. Milo, apparently, is bankrolled by the Mercers. Could he be helping her financially as well as being best buddies? I don't know. But that is how active measures work. Trolls are part of the setup for effective gaslighting, confusing, sabotaging and controlling the opposition. Mensch may be genuinely anti-Trump, but other than that she seems to be trolling the left.

More on Milo (updated since post):

Divide and Rule

James O'Keefe, Veritas, is trying to discredit Trump's enemies. Sometimes it is by fake news. Sometimes it is by acting like agent provocateurs, providing false info to legitimate journalists in order to take them down later. The purpose is to undermine, confuse, "gaslight", and discredit the media. What can you say?

More on Louise Mensch

Her Current Blog is:
Before she practiced pretend "resistance" she was on Heat Street. My memory isn't great. But I love Rosie O'Donnell. And I remember this incident. Now I remember why she was blocked before the election! Silly me:

Since I got blocked I'm taking more seriously criticisms of Ms. Mensche. This young lady was flamed, blocked and then "docked" by Ms Mensche, with a kind of strange attack on her father. She responded by researching her a little.

Puppy Monkey

I don't trust Ms Mensch's stories anymore.

Who you should listen to:
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  1. The Trump campaign was full of operatives who had zero respect for law or the notion that they were committing treason. So while I don't want to believe the worst about anyone. These times are surreal and resemble other failing republics.

  2. Now we are getting reports of the admin using "HONEY pot" forged documents against critics.