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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electoral Fraud from the GOP

The predicted voter fraud is occurring. Of course it involves corrupt and dishonest officials private companies and Republicans, as usual:

"Problems first emerged earlier this week in Palm Beach County with forms turned in by Strategic Allied Consulting, which the Republican National Committee (RNC) paid $3.1 million to register voters in Florida and six other swing states. Palm Beach prosecutors are examining 106 voter registration forms submitted by one Strategic Allied Consulting worker, some with apparently forged signatures."

So much for worrying about Democrats voting, much less committing voter ID fraud. These efforts are designed to make sure only Republicans vote. As usual voter fraud, by ordinary democrats, is abusive projecton by folks seeking to protect their power despite the fact that people loathe them for the crooks and liars they are.

" Nathan Sproul, the firm’s owner, has been well-known in top GOP circles for years. Operating under other corporate names in the past, his firms have been accused of “dumping registration forms filled out by Democrats and other improprieties aimed at helping Republican candidates.” He has a long history of shady operations while in the pay of GOP officials both within states and on a national level."
"As a result of this reputation, the RNC insisted he create a new corporate entity before giving him $3.1 million to voter “registration” in seven swing states."

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