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Monday, December 2, 2013

Suicide Watch

She's too sweet to be on any kind of suicide watch.
Don't let the downs keep you down,
or the topsies unbalance you to fall.
Don't let pain and suffering become a wall.
There is a moment you realize they don't own you.

Sadness and pain, exhaustion and depression,
are just a normal cyclic expression.
When one is exhausted and sad it is time to sleep.
When there are people who need us,
we have promises to keep.
When sadness is indescribable, it is time to sing the blues.

She's too sweet and precious for anyone to let down.
We all need love, 

to feel your love, 
to give you love, 
to let you know;

That the cold days of winter, yield beautiful snow.

And that there is something lovely in naked trees
and winds that howl when they blow.
It's sad to see those markers, that remind us where our friends go.

But that doesn't last, green things grow from the ground,
where it was dark yesterday, tomorrow there will be sun.

And our loved ones are rooting for us,
we've got things to do,
and reasons to keep one foot in this world,
while letting our hearts to soar.

Christopher H. Holte

Based on a response to someone's sadness.

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