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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Privateering in the Prison system

A lot of State and County Sheriff and police offices receive money from Federal drug programs. This makes them naturally leary about drug decriminalization for a mix of legitimate concerns about impact on society and fear of it's impact on their own crime budgets. Similarly the states with the worse record for abusive oppressive policing (racism, classism, and "profiling") have privateering privately owned prisons.

This leads to privateering among some law enforcement, courts and prisons. IT's not an accident that folks are getting railroaded into private-for-profit (privateering) prisons by corrupt judges. And If you live in a state with heavily privatized prisons research the money and you may find graft and sanitized bribes going to the judges and prosecutors. There is personal gain in railroading innocent people to jail along with the guilty. If we want to do anything about such corruption, we need to follow the money and find out where money from private prisons and other sources is going. The results might be surprising to some people. Any program that provides a steady flow of cash to police can be abused; speed traps, asset forfeiture, even Federal incentives -- all can and have been abused. Such things aren't always corruption but they are almost always corrupting influences, corruptors.

One friend of mine is talking about subjects related to this now. For more TUNE IN - Here:
On Today's Program:
"Michigan State Representative Collene Lamonte (D) will visit the program to discuss Security and Safety issues in Michigan Prisons. On February 2, Convicted Multiple Murder Michael Elliot escaped from Ionia Correctional Facility and took a innocent victim hostage. Elliot was caught after his victim used a phone from a locked restroom while Elliot demanded she open the door."
"-Florida Teenager Jordan Davis Murder Michael Dunn received a MISTRIAL verdict on killing the 17 year-old unarmed African-American teenager. Dunn was convicted of Attempted Murder of three other teens in Davis car. What will it take to make a Young Black Male Life, worth a conviction on murder in America?"
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