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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hot Soot

Chaotically scattered around the world.
Soot from reactors that burned in the night.
Smoking deadly soot that burned and swirled.
Corium nightmares that can never be right.

And now the horror is dispersed and uncontained.
While sick children die, truth is restrained.
And corrupt monsters sit in board-rooms 
and continue their games.

That dust you breathe may have flown thousands of miles
From nuclear tests or Chernobyl, from Siberia or New Mexico,
and that strange disease you get may have been avoidable
but for some secret calculations made,
by liars sitting in offices, wearing dark shades.

Is that electricity really clean?
Is this poison really green?
Is it really natural to boil water with such a deadly sheen?

Reacting to article titled: "Nuclear Fuel Fragment from Fukushima Found In EUROPE Washington's Blog "The Nuclear Core Has Finally Been Found … Scattered All Over the World. Fukushima did not just suffer meltdowns, or even melt-throughs …It suffered melt-OUTS … where the nuclear core of at least one reactor was spread all over Japan." Article posted May 6 9:39 AM poem written that morning.

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