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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Messiah Walks Among us

The Messiah Walks among us
He ministers in Aids clinics
He attends Seders in Shul
He prays on a rug in the mosque
And meditates in Ashrams
He leaves invisible footprints
we can follow if we choose to see.
The Messiah walks among us
Barefoot in the back of the bus
He's been spotted sitting next to your grandmother
and talking to your autistic brother.
The Messiah has been seen wandering the streets of calcutta
And among the slumdogs in Bombay
He wanders barefoot in Nairobi
and shelter's women from Al Shabaab
He saves children from Christian Militias
and turns diamonds back into coal
His miracles are simple things
like restoring an orphan child's sight.
He is the friend to the humble
But is offended by those who call his name in vain.
And do deeds that are offensive in his sight
The Messiah wanders the ruins of Gaza
Performing miracles to save children from bombs.
He has saved Bosnian Muslims from Serbs
And Serbians from Croatians.
The Messiah rescues Jews from murder
And hears the pleas of all the children.
But he is offended by the prayers of the arrogant
Who dare to preach war in his name.
When it is their turn to pray, he will ignore their pleas.
The Messiah walks the world
Carrying refugees on his back.
He ferries them across the Rio Grand
And washes them in the Jordan.
He walks across the seas
preaching a brotherhood of man.
Borders are meaningless to him.
The Messiah knows the game
And his greatest source of shame
are the scoundrels who make the claim
they are teaching in his name.
He knows they know who they are
And he prays they will seek redemption
Before they fall into the pit of their own lies
The Messiah is there in your church
Though more likely in the back than in the front.
He is teaching in all the schools
Though those who hear him rarely preach.
He speaks to anyone who:
listens with his inner ear
casts out demons of hate,
and lets go of blinding fear
He ignores those who pretend to see him.
And strikes the hypocrites blind who ignore his lessons.
The Messiah is here, he walks among us.
And those who ignore him, will pay for their crimes.
But those who deliberately distort his teachings earn a place in hell.


Christopher H. Holte

This poem is a follow up to "Oh Jesus" and in the same theme. It is part of the series "The Burning Bush".

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From older blog at "Fraught with Peril":

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