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Monday, May 25, 2015

Their Families have a right to Mourn them

I mourn the death of my brother man,
Their families have the right to Mourn them.
...they didn't die in vain.
When I come to understand,
They shed the blood of sacrifice to erase a stain
and an evil spell, a dream,
we needed to wake up from.
That "all men are created equal"
means only some.
They arose to fight from beneath a stoney hierarchy
to emerge to run in wild abandon, shouting their rebel yell.
across green fields angry, spiteful and fell.
reaping death in waves across the open fields.
Against the stone of righteousness that awaited them.
Their blind bravery only proving,
that might doesn't make right,
and reality is not shaped by delusion.
They sought Glory,
But they found only pain
Poor and Rich, Masters and Slaves, died side by side.
But not for the same cause.
They proved that their vision of slavery as paradise
was an evil and a cruel illusion
for while they marched, the Union Army Camps,
were swelled by hordes of slaves who freed themselves,
as their chains lay neglected in the mud and blood,
of their masters lunatic war.
They rose, they fought, they died, they threw their weapons down.
And the conquering armies let them pick them up and go home.
Christopher H. Holte 5/25/2015

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And the living honored the dead, by giving them a proper burial.

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