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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Shoulder's that Raised us

The Shoulders That Raised us

We live on the shoulders of those who raised us up.
How can we turn around and hold other people down?
Today the sun will set, but tomorrow another one will rise,
We pass by as other eyes open and "I" live on.
Here a whisper lingers, and "I" hear an whispering song.
I swear I hear the voice of a dear departed love echoing on.
I have to stop and admire the singing in the trees.
the doves making their cries, leaves rustling high above.
And though my heart can only bear,
so much rising and departing,
still those voices echo an eternity in this moment.
and I see a vision of a single finger,
saying "shush my darling sleep."
"I am at ease and all your fears can keep."

Christopher Hartly Holte

This from August 14 2011

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