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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pyramids of fear cannot withstand the winds that blow

It's an event if you are ready,
a disaster if you are not.
You are never really ready enough,
So you deal with what you've got.
Japan gets typhoons
Here they call them hurricanes.
Tornadoes, direcho's, storms
They are a cost of living on land and breathing air.
Anything built can decay and fail.
Man-made disasters result from man.
We have to find a way to reach the arrogant.
Who stand astride pyramids held up by people
Who are oppressed and full of fear.
So hear the words of the Lord of Time
Those who rule with fear commit an awful crime.
That dooms them like some ancient pharaoh
Pyramids built of fear cannot withstand the winds that blow
Channeled by Christopher H. Holte

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